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Feb 25, 2009 02:32 PM

Buying wine on the UES- Where's the best deal?

Would like to know the best place to get good-value reds under $20. I would appreciate knowledgeable recommendations from the staff. Where do you go and are there case discounts?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Garnet on 68th/lex. I've been going there for 5 years and they've never steered me wrong when I've asked for recommendations for dinner parties and general drinking(I am the queen of under $20!). They're great pairing food with wines too and have free delivery. The other nice thing is when you have them deliver, they keep a record of what you bought so you can get it again. Eli's has a wine store on 80th/3rd. More expensive but they can have some interesting choices and they keep a record of EVERYTHING you buy. Option 3 is cellar 72 on second avenue, just south of 72nd. They seem to be carrying more inexpensive wines. I''ve gotten some decent stuff there too but haven't gone there as much. Garnet is simply bigger and there is tons more choice--have a great french white from them right now that is $12.99 and a good everyday red Terasses is the name I think (i am horrible with names and a big label recognizer!) good luck!

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      I've been pleasantly surprised at the selection of wines under $20 at Eli's and the advice I've gotten there in terms of pairings has always been spot on. We also shop at Garnet, occasionally at Mr. Wright's, and most often at K&D, probably just because it is closest to us. We have a regular rotation of wines around the ten dollar mark that we buy there.

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        If MMRuth would like to share the names of those $10 wines, maybe all could give them a try.

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          Sure, I'll try to rustle them up ... though I think right now we are stocked from Costco. One of them is the La Vielle Ferme red, which is more like $7, and, in my opinion, quite drinkable.

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            Here's another one:

            Josephine Dubois, Grand Reserve Chardonnay, Bourgogne 2007. They also have some well priced Malbecs.

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              Just "discovered" this bargain red on sale at K&D wines, 96th @ Madison -- our go-to neighborhood wine store. They just had one of their periodic sales, and the prices are good and staff helpful.

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                La Vielle Ferme also make a white, and a rose, but K&D doesn't always have them in stock. I actually first saw the rose at Costco last weekend.

        1. For a wide selection at this price cap, focus on on Spain, SAmerica, Aus/NZ, and California, Mr Wright on Third and 90th. K+D, 96th and Madison, has a smaller inventory, but some good buys as well.

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            Thanks for the info- I have not been satisfied with the local liquor retailers in the area. Now I have these new stores to try.

          2. Also want to add a beautiful new wine store with extremely knowledgeable and helpful stuff. great reds under $20 Bottle and Soul, Lexington between 81 and 82

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              oops I meant to write knowlegeable and helpful staff

            2. Best Cellars on Lexington (between 86th and 87th, east side of the street) features many wines for under $20. Can't vouch for their quality myself but the shop has been there for 6-7 years now.


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              1. re: scoopG

                I've generally been disappointed by my purchases there.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Agree - went there once and there was no help whatsoever from the staff and the purchases I made there were mediocre at best.