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Feb 25, 2009 02:25 PM

Match Burgers and Martinis

Did a search but couldnt find anything about Match Burgers and Martinis (newbury st. area). Anyone out there eat there recently and want to share? Any other nearby recs in the same price range?

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  1. hi! a few of us are thinking of heading to match on thursday (entrees $5 for ladies) so wanted to bump this thread to see if anyone had any comments on this place. i'm assuming it's nothing incredible but i'm hoping it's at least solid...any comments would be great!

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    1. re: vballgal

      nobody goes there for the food. the cocktails are of the sticky sweet neon-colored type.

      it's more of a hook-up kinda joint, with a mid 20's demographic.

      1. re: vballgal

        My hubby and I stop in every once in a while for a martini when we are in the area. The martini's are great. The food not so great. And check the bill to make sure the tip is not added in. One time we went with 2 other couples and did not check and the server got double tipped as we later found out when calling to find out when the tip is added in, which was parties of 6 or more.

        1. re: lulatula

          that's actually a common practice for many restaurants and is noted on the bottom of the menu.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            I am in the industry and am fully aware of how it works but if you are obviously getting double tipped and the "extra" money seems extraordinary then most people would do the right thing and let the customer know. And they did not do that. So I am just making sure people are aware.

        2. re: vballgal

          I previously lived right around the corner from Match...avoid it at all costs. A DC once ordered a martini extra dry, and I swear it came exactly the opposite with extra vermouth. The chicken skewers then came out raw. The manager came over when she saw our displeasure and explained that it was prepared tandori style and was supposed to be like that. No we said, it is just raw. She copped an attitude and then returned to her normal outpost smoking cigarettes in front on the sidewalk. The server was friendly enough, but not very competent. This place sucks.

        3. Don't order any drinks not on the menu - had the single worst Manhattan ever at that place - seems they thought to keep the same sweeti-tini proportions for the bourbon and vermouth - yuck!
          The burgers are actually not too bad - try the lamb burger - that was my fave.

          1. We did go and enjoyed our visit. The atmosphere is typical for a place trying to attract the mid 20s demo, and we liked that since both my companion and I fit the profile. The drinks were terrific, service wasn't great, and the food was nothing special. We did enjoy the beef carpaccio though.

            1. The burgers are really not bad. I wouldn't eat anything else there though. And the drinks are horrible. They are all so unbelievably sweet... some people like that type of thing, but personally I don't. If i was in the area, i might stop in to eat there, but i wouldn't go out of my way.

              1. This thread cracks me up, as my boyfriend was just asking me the other day why we've never gone here and I just kept saying, "I just don't think anyone goes there."