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Feb 25, 2009 01:45 PM

Trip To Calgary & Saskatoon - Recs?

Going for business next week and I've been checking out the boards looking for some recommendations.....

We've been to Tribune, River Cafe and Tangerine Supper Club in previous years. Tribune was excellent so I wouldn't mind going back again but I was thinking about branching out somewhat and trying somewhere new. We are staying downtown so somewhere within walking distance would be nice so we can partake in some wine.

We are also travelling on to Saskatoon and am wondering if there are any recommendations. Maybe taking a customer out for dinner so somewhere nice would be great.


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  1. My favorite downtown is Teatro. Blink is also quite good, and far less expensive.

    1. It seems like about the only place we agree on here is Divino.
      Disagreeing is ok, variety is good,

      1. My downtown suggestions: Centini, Divino, and a bit off the beaten path - PicNiq. Others on the board recommend Rush but I haven't been there yet myself.

        1. What kind of food are you up for?
          We've been eating at lot of Asian lately and last trip to Calgary saw us revisiting Leo Fu's. Superb Chinese food and a wide variety of dishes.

          In Saskatoon there's the very reliable Calories resto on Broadway Ave. Reservations a must on the weekends.
          Lots of Saskatoon recommendations on this board, but in all honesty, nothing is really knock- your-socks-off. You can have good food but nothing that you'll say oh wow, that is one of my 5 best restaurant experiences ever. (I'll probably get flamed for saying that but my standards have become pretty stringent after such outstanding food in Quebec and Ontario.)

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            I haven't been able to see too much about Saskatoon. I don't really have too high expectaions for there. Guess that we could do Carver's in the Sheraton... Might suffice.

          2. I would recommend Rush. It's absolutely lovely.