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Feb 25, 2009 01:42 PM

Foods to fend off/slow down flu?

My husband came home with a fever, achy, tired. Sounds like the flu, right? Well, I had been ill from Thanksgiving until the end of January, so I can't afford to get the flu. I am just starting to feel like a human being again. Is there some food, juice or whatever, I can feed/give him to help him get well soon? Puhleeze? I'm thinking chicken soup for tonight, if I can get him out of bed. What else?

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  1. I always feel that anything hot and spicy knocks those bad germs out of me! I love Thai Tom Yum Kai when I have a head cold. I also will make a toddy of hot lemon water with honey and cayenne pepper. Jalepenos seem to clear my head as well. I heard it's the capsian.......

    P.S. I also swear by Airborne for building up the immunity system.

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      I'm with brothy liquids really help me...ginger tea is great, chicken broth with some kind of hot pepper mixed in also. Warm, clear liquids will help flush out the bug more quickly.

    2. Theraflu!

      I'm kidding. But Theraflu does work.

      I'm no doctor but chicken soup works for me and lots of fluids ( oj and water )

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        I swear by Theraflu, really

        I like tea, honey, lemon, soups, tomato, chicken, if an upset stomach my doctor always said the BRAT diet. Even when my son was young. It works

        B - Bananas, R - Rice, plain no butter, A - apple, sauce or diced up, T - toast, again no butter, a little apple jelly is ok and some sliced bananas on top. It is a lifesaver, but that is for a upset stomach or intensional.

        I usually like warm simple foods. Grilled cheese, a light pasta with just a simple, sauce nothing too rich. I enjoyed Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, even roast chicken and my mom would put some in a broth with some rice and just some scallions. Simple easy soup. But everyone has their faves.

      2. Something easy to digest like soup/congee. Digestion of foods expends a lot of energy, energy that can be better used to fight off your flu. Rich, greasy foods can make it worse. Spice is good. And I would definitely stay away from dairy -- dairy tends to make phlegm worse.

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          Many say that about dairy, depends is you have congestion. Flu doesn't normally have congestion, just my thought. I like warm milk when I have the flu, not with a cold however. If this is the flu a bit different than feeding a cold. NO grease I agree.

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          1. Yeah, once he's already sick, it's too late to fend off anything. If it's any consolation, partners mostly don't get their significant other's cold, so you may be safe.

            I find Thai food, as mentioned previously, does a great job -- tom yam gung is my preferred weapon of choice, with lots of lime juice, lemongrass, and SPICY!! Actually, any kind of spicy food will make you feel less congested, whether that is a fact or not.