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Feb 25, 2009 01:10 PM

Macau Trading any good?

I searched the board but found nothing on Macau. It's on church st. in tribeca. Ive gone twice but it was too long of a wait. The menu looked good, half Chinese and half Portuguese it seemed. Has anyone tried it yet? reviews please

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  1. i've been there a few times, for drinks and's a fun setting but the wait/crowd is unpredictable...sometimes jam-packed, other times very general, for bar dining, if you go early on weekend or very late on a weeknight, you're prob more likely to get a seat...i've never eaten at a table...

    food: they changed the menu a bit after Chinese New Year...prior to that they had yummy Chinese pork meatballs covered in glutinous rice, dimsum-like, but this dish has been replaced by larger "Lion's Head" style pork meatballs, a Shanghai dish...while i didn't care for gravy covering the meatballs and they aren't the finest example of this traditional dish, they still made for good winter bar food...i also like the swiss chard w/ pine nuts and raisins as a side dish...

    One time i tried the spicy prawns entree (the only entree i've tried): decent and fresh, but a bit messy to eat at the bar and quite pricey compared to the better prawn dishes one could get a few blocks east in Chinatown...

    Haven't tried anything else on the new menu and not sure exactly how much it has changed...

    But overall, while it's not chowhound dreamland, it's fun bar with some decent food...

    There is also a "secret" room/bar downstairs that opens at 7pm but gets crowded/doorman-guarded after get there, hang a left u-turn just after you pass the hostess stand and go through a door and down some stairs...

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      thanks for the info. I like the secret bar idea,,i kind of like that the place just has the red lights and no sign outside which makes it kind of a secret place. I'll report back, i may try going tonite.

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        I went to Macau the other nite. There was a long wait , We got in and they sat us in the "secret" room downstairs. The service was very good. The food was excellent, except for the Portuguese Prawns. they had a bad taste to them. The dumplings were good. the portuguese clams were excellent, fried rice was good, the croquettes were good. Aside from people wanting to put their drinks on the table or sitting with us, the food was very good.
        the upstairs bartender had a nasty attitude, someone please smack the one with no hair on his head.