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Feb 25, 2009 01:08 PM

Craving Sweets...

So, we're expecting a baby in June and thus far, I have been an excellent, healthy eater, if I must say so myself. However, for the past couple of weeks I have been craving (!) everything from lemon bars to cinnamon ice cream. This just has to stop, and I could really use some help in coming up w/ some healthier sweet alternatives. Any thoughts?

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  1. Whenever I have a sweet craving, which is not very often because I don't really like sweet stuff (must need the blood sugar level to go up I guess)..I take a spoonful of honey. Satisfies and is reasonably healthy. At least better than white sugar.
    No pickles and ice cream? :-)

    1. Small amounts of sweets are not intrinsically unhealthy. But if you're craving large amounts of sweets, fruit is the obvious answer for a healthy sweet. If you're craving cinnamon, then maybe try it with baked apples (you can make quickie baked apples in the microwave) or just sprinkle some on some applesauce.

      The lemon and raspberry sorbets at Trader Joe's are good, and very low in calories -- or since this is the Home Cooking board, make your own. Or make granita, which is even easier! The Skinny Cow "dippers" are decent (especially the caramel ones) and only 80 calories each. The "little pops" at See's come in various flavors and only have 15 calories each. I personally would avoid artificial sweeteners, since there's evidence they just make the sweet cravings stronger. Personally, I'm dubious that honey is really significantly healthier than sugar for someone who doesn't have a specific health condition, and that spoonful of honey actually has more calories than the same amount of sugar!

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        The TJ's sorbets are excellent. They also have mini ice cream sandwiches which have about 70-80 calories each.

        Frozen fruit is also great. You can freeze your own or buy bags of frozen berries or peaches. I love frozen grapes with a bit of sugar spinkled on top. When it's frozen, it seems like more of a treat to me.

        Someone mentioned rice krispie treats- I've made them before using generic rice krispies and skipping the butter/margarine entirely.

        My favorite treat- fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. I personally don't like chocolate, but you can melt a bit of chocolate and drizzle on top of the berries. Something about it seems so decadent and rich, even if it's just one or two berries and a spoonful of cream.

      2. How about fruit?

        - ripe melons (canteloupes are my favorite)
        - ripe bananas
        - poached pears in simple syrup

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Fruit was my first thought too. In addition to those above:

          - mangoes - so decadently sweet when ripe - served cubed or as a drink
          - pineapples
          - some apples and pears are very sweet
          - grapes
          - dried fruit - alone or in a stewed compote

        2. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one! Our first is also due in June (end of the month), so I'm hoping that this is a second-trimester thing. Or at least taking some comfort that I'm not the only one!

          Specifically I've had chocolate on the brain lately, as usual.
          I've done banana bread with part whole wheat pastry flour and a handful of chocolate chips.
          Also have sherbet/sorbet and frozen fruit blend in the freezer.
          In a pinch I make a box of instant pudding and call it "a good source of calcium."

          Thanks for starting the thread - I'm looking forward to some good ideas at a time when all I really want is to make a batch of hot fudge sauce and eat it, a spoonful at a time, straight from the fridge.
          All the best to you and the baby!

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          1. re: kshrimp

            In a similar vein, I've made my own chocolate yogurt by adding melted chocolate to plain yogurt (as for adding chocolate to whipped cream, you have to "temper" the melted chocolate by stirring in a small amount of the yogurt first so it doesn't lump up when you mix it with the cold yogurt). If you use dark chocolate and nonfat yogurt -- especially drained or Greek yogurt -- it's pretty healthy and satisfying!

          2. Congratulations!

            I don't know about the "healthy" aspect -- but one of the easiest, fastest, and low-fat/calorie-est options are Rice Krispie Treats. I don't *think* it has any** fat, and very few calories.

            **except maybe a negligent amount from the butter; minimize w/ margarine