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Feb 25, 2009 01:03 PM

Help, please for Rioja/Laguardia area

We are touring/tasting at Finca Valpiedra in May and I was given a list of
restaurants for lunch after the tour. Can anyone help me pare down from
the following list:
1) Casa Toni in San Vicente la Sonsierra
2) Asador Alameda (Fuenmayor)
3) Asado Chuchi (Fuenmayor)
4) La venta de Moncalvillo (Daroca)
5) Echaurren (Ezcaray)

I would also appreciate any "do not miss" experiences in the Laguardia area.
As usual, thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. hola jdmm, we're also planning a trip to Laguardia. Do you (or anyone of course) know where the lamb is grilled in the traditional way, "al sarmiento", over grape vines? gracias

    1. I've taken the Finca Valpiedra tour and have dined at all of the suggested restaurants. They've given you a great list. The closest, handiest for you would be Asador Alameda in Fuenmayor, which specializes in fantastic grilled meats and fish. Chuchi belongs to the same family but has a more "tavern-like", rustic ambience of a typical Riojan asador.

      Casa Toni in San Vicente is not as handy to Finca Valpiedra as Alameda but is also outstanding, cuisine wise. Ditto to La Venta de Moncalvillo, below Logroño, which rates among the "in the know" as Rioja's very best restaurant along side Michelin starred Echaurren in Ezcaray, which would be the longest drive from Finca Valpiedra (and would be the most expensive, if dining at El Portal, Francis Paniego's haute cuisine annex rather than in his mother traditional restaurant).
      We have a celebratory lunch coming up soon at La Venta de Moncalvillo.

      "do not miss" experiences in Laguardia include a guided visit to see the amazingly well preserved Gothic polychromed statues of the inside pórtico of Santa María de los Reyes church, a visit to one of the old time wine cellars (like Bodegas Fabulista or Carlos Sanpedro) inside the medieval village to explore underground Laguardia and a visit to one of the "Starchitects" wineries outside of town-wineries designed by award winning, internationally acclaimed architects-either Bodegas Ysios (designed by Santiago Calatrava) or Viña Real (by Phillipe Mazières). And of course Gehry's hotel/tasting pavilion for Marqués de Riscal, just 7 min. down the road in Elciego.

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      1. re: Maribel

        Thank you so much! Now, if I can figure out how to reserve a table on an
        all Spanish website, we will be in business. I think that you are the now
        famous "Maribel" of "Maribel's Guides" which I have used extensively
        to plan my whole trip. I am honored. Thanks again