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Feb 25, 2009 12:38 PM

Miami Trip - Solo Dining+Cuban+Haitian

Will be solo in Miami for three days. Staying at the Delano. Looking for excellent cuban and haitian for lunch. Looking for good dinner spots (any cuisine) where I would be more than comfortable dining solo. I prefer to eat at the bar when alone but I don't have to. I noticed Michael's Genuine and Michy's are highly recommended on this board and seem like spots I would like but not sure about the solo dining thing. I will have a car so nothing needs to be in walking distance but if you have recs within walking distance of the Delano (especially for breakfast) that would be great. Thanks!

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  1. For great Haitian food try out Tap Tap --

    1. Solo dining favorites (or at least favorites where you can eat at the bar) include both Michael's and Michy's as well as Pacific Time. Another which doesn't get too much love on this board is River Oyster Bar. All these places are OTB in Miami by the way. On the beach Talula would be a good solo dinner spot (but it's been dead on weeknights lately). If you want the Joe's Stone Crab experience but not deal with the hassle of the wait you could go to the take-out section which has tables for eating in and is much more solo friendly. For Haitian on the beach go to Tap Tap (not sure if they're open for lunch).

      1. On the beach your Cuban options are primarily Puerto Sagua (7th & Collins) and David's Cafe (10th & Collins or Lincoln Road & Meridian Ave.). Both are OK, neither are exceptional (though this is coming from someone who rarely finds Cuban food in Miami to be exceptional). The only Haitian food on the Beach that I know is Tap Tap which is not open for lunch.

        Both Michael's Genuine and Michy's would be perfectly comfortable for solo dining, possibly Michael's slightly moreso than Michy's as its bar feels more like a "bar" whereas Michy's is more of a perch for folks waiting for their tables (though we've eaten there often). Another less upscale option would be Red Light which also has counter seating. Also Sra. Martinez in the Design District (tapas bar with about 10 seats downstairs) or Pacific Time. If you want to stay on the beach, I think the best food is at Talula - you can sit at the kitchen bar if you like. Meat Market also has a lively bar seating area. Table 8 has bar seating though I've found the food a bit underwhelming. Might want to check out Govind Armstrong's new place, 8oz Burger Bar (I've not been yet). Sardinia also has bar seating which is generally underutilized but a good spot for a solo.

        Best breakfast options are probably Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Dr. or Ice Box Cafe on Lincoln Road. Talula does a very nice Sunday brunch.