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Feb 25, 2009 11:31 AM

What should I do with Mexican honey?

I have a jar of Mexican honey and am not sure what to do with it. The honey is opaque and more solid in texture than the clear, runnier honey I'm used to. What should I do with this honey? I have about 2 cups of it. Can it be substituted 1:1 in recipes calling for honey or do I need to make adjustments because of its consistency?

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  1. I'm no expert about honey, but the appearance that you describe may be due to the nectar source. Bees visit lots of different flowering plants including those in the cactus family. Did you taste the honey? Did you use Google to see if there is any info about Mexican honey?

    Go to the following website which has bottled honey pictured. See if what you have looks like what is shown.

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      Thanks. I went to the link and my honey does look like the ones in the pictures and I agree with you that the appearance is likely connected to the nectar source. The honey is opaque and creamy in texture but definitely not crystallized.

    2. Use it the same way you'd use any honey.
      The only important natural difference in honey is the type of vegetation (hence the flavor) from which the bees collect the nectar to produce it.

      1. Definitely use it like any other. Some honeys crystallize, some don't...and honey doesn't go bad anyway.

        1. The texture might be a result of age. Try heating it a bit in the microwave, or, if it's in a jar of some type, heat in a pot of hot water. Like Todao said, honey's flavors vary greatly because of where the bees gathered the nectar. If it's "Mexican Honey", could be cactus, sage flowers, or any other flora that are desert oriented.

          1. Velda Mae, pour the honey on ice cream, over breakfast cakes, toast, over pound cake. It can be enjoyed as part of a marinade, salad dressing or baste for chicken/turkey.

            Or right from the jar !