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Feb 25, 2009 11:28 AM

Johannesburg staying one night at Intercontinental

Coming into Johannesburg for one night on way to Cape Town, et al and wondered if anyone could recommend a place for dinner. We will be wiped out after a flight from Atlanta but was hoping for options other than the hotel....

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  1. Which Intercont are you staying at? Airport or Sandton?

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      1. re: roadwarriorafrica

        Was thinking of heading in and eating at Moyo (would one location be better than the other? Melrose Arch vs Parkview?
        Again, maybe over ambitious but would love to get out fo the hotel for a bit....

        1. re: merbel

          It's a bit of a haul from the airport, but Moyo is a fun experience - traditional food, face painting, great music, etc. I've been to the one at Melrose Arch and it was fantastic. There are some great restaurants in Melville too - Soulsa is my favorite - great risottos, wines, etc..

          1. re: ddsteller

            Thanks-we had a great time at Moyo!!

      2. We stayed there one night to recover from that same flight and actually had a very lovely dinner at the hotel.