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Feb 25, 2009 11:24 AM

Korean tacos and use of twitter for taco truck locations

I can't be the only one who read this piece in today's NYT:

Korean tacos: succulent and seasoned pork, poultry, tofu, or sausage, wrapped in a hand-rolled corn tortilla, topped with kimchi, and maybe even an extra dab of korean ketchup and some chopped fresh cilantro. I realize that there is probably no one in town making anything remotely similar, but dear god, it sounds so good, i have to ask you hounds if you've seen anything in Austin that comes close. Any recs? Are there ANY good "fusion tacos" to be had at all? And as for the mention in this article about using Twitter to communicate locations of food trailers that seem jump around a lot: Best. Idea. Ever. Austin needs to jump on the food twitter bandwagon.

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  1. The elusive femmenikita returns to the board on the hunt for Korean Tacos? Did you miss MPH's 14 part review of all the Korean taco carts on North Lamar? Pity. Welcome back femme. I'd love to hear your response to this post:

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    1. re: scrumptiouschef

      Scowling. Took me a while to catch on to your sarcasm there; I was all ready to curse MPH, as I pictured him sitting in a penthouse somewhere, petting a flame-point Persian and cackling, "KOREAN TACOS?! HA, I'VE BEAT YOU TO THEM!" Plague on both your houses. Anyone know where I can buy some good kimchi (maybe already pureed?), and other korean products here in town? Don't have much experience in the realm of Koean cooking, but it's clear I'm gonna have to experiment with making these babies myself.

      1. re: femmenikita

        There is a mom and pop shop that only does Korean Banchan on Airport Blvd between Highland mall and lamar Blvd. This probably has the freshest and best Kimchi. It is not one of the grocery stores at the intersection and is in fact well before the Intersection of Airport Blvd and Lamar. The sign is nondescript and in Korean. My memory is hazy but I think there may be a martial arts type school in the same small strip mall. In Korean I think it was called "MomStyle" or "homestyle". The people behind the counter only spoke Korean when I went.

        If you cannot find the place there are two relatively large Korean Grocery stores at the Airport Blvd/Lamar intersection.

        1. re: caputoOO

          Right on, thank you caputoOO. This is fairly close to my new 'hood so I'm gonna try and check it out this weekend. I hope the language barrier doesn't cause problems; this sounds perfect

          1. re: femmenikita

            You should invite us over when you make them. MMM, korean tacos.

            on the topic of korean food, anyone know a good place to get duk boki in austin?

            1. re: reina_de_fideo

              I've had good duk boki at Ichiban on Burnet - it's not on the regular menu, but if you ask for it, they can make it for you. They have a Korean menu that doesn't have any translations (or at least, it didn't when I saw it a few years back) - I had one of the waitresses go through the menu and tell me what everything was.

        2. re: femmenikita

          I think the kimchi and the Korean pickles at Koriente downtown on 7th about a block from I-35 are excellent. They are made fresh in-house. I don't think they offer the kimchi pureed, though. I have a kimchi cookbook, too, and it is surprisingly easy to make, if you have the time. Koriente's menu:

          1. re: angusb

            the people who run koriente are so nice...
            and i love their healthy versions of korean.
            wish they had a north location!