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Morro Bay Restaurants

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in Morro Bay. I would be most interested in some good seafood. Thanks

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  1. We had a very good dinner at the Inn at Morro Bay, although it was years ago.

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      We're staying at the Inn and have good dinners there in the past. Did you try any of the other restaurants nearby?

    2. The Galley does excellent seafood, everything very fresh. Windows on the Water is also quite good. Try the Bayside Cafe for lunch at the State Park marina. Don't miss the French bakery on the Embarcadero.

      1. Shawn's on Main is a little gem in Morro Bay. All small plates that are divided into starters, first and second courses. The menu changes constantly but there are always seafood selections. The wine list is very nice.

        Shawn's is at 912 Main St. (805) 772-1059. They are open for dinner only, and I believe they are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

        1. Gourmet Grub on Morro Bay Blvd serves good, cheap lunch and dinner. Everything is made from scratch, so sometimes it takes a while, but its worth the wait. The soups are especially great.

          Also, don't miss the Taco Temple. Its a random location, in a grocery store parking lot, but their tacos (and everything else) are 100% AMAZING. Traditional mexican meats mounded on fresh tortillas, covered in a tasty salad. If there is a line, wait it out. You will not be sorry.

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            missyum2, we've enjoyed the food at T.Temple every time we've gone, the ingredients are fresh and flavors vibrant, but "tradtional mexican meats", in the way most people who've had the food cooked by more traditional-style mexican cooks/culinary artisans would understand the term, doesn't exactly apply to what they do. (I haven't ever seen "organ meats" like tongue, tripe, or cabeza on their changing specials, either). I watched the main line cooks at work--it was a mixed crew of ethnic latinos and anglos, and the style I think would be best described as cali-fusion-mex--there's some southwest (New Mexico/Colorado) influence with some of the meat dishes, while the grilled fish items are
            excellent nortecali interpretations of bahacali dishes, from what we've had and enjoyed. We're impressed with their food to the point we don't consider alternative eats when we're in the area.

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              Gourmet Grub in Morro Bay

              Gourmet Grub
              430 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 93442

            2. I love Dorns or Windows on the Water!

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                We went to Dorn's about 18 months ago for breakfast, and it was delicious. I'd eat there more often if I lived closer. Nice view, too.

              2. For breakfast, your best bet is the Coffee Pot.

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                  I love the pancakes and waffles here. Nice, clean coffeeshop feel to the place. Owner is always on premises and very congenial. Good service.

                2. Had a great lunch at the Bayside Cafe inside the state park last week. Catch of the day was salmon but we went with the red snapper fish tacos and an order of the 3 piece fish n chips, both tasty. Opted for the "sour slaw" for the FNC side, a real winner, sauce a deep yellow-orange which we correctly surmised was from tamarind, and some pickled veggie notes giving it a slight Asian feel. Found that it's an old family recipe and they're not giving away any secrets.

                  Also had a good breakfast at Fred's Grill (formerly Margie's) just north of the vacant, salmon colored art deco theater on north Main. They retained the chili cheese omelet covered with chopped green onion and the biscuit and gravy that I sub'd for toast was decent, if a little too dense in the middle, shaving off the top and bottom third made it just right and the gravy was perfect with little bits of sausage. Very popular place with the locals.

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                    the art deco building is actually 'new' by about 15 years. Has had a varied list of occupants, but no theater. Builder just loved AD. I'd love to see it as a restaurant!

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                      I've always thought it just screamed restaurant also. Interesting about the (short) history.

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                      Can't believe I neglected to mention the bowl of soup we shared. Since we'd had a decent bowl of NE clam chowder the day before was hopping for a Manhattan style, we spotted their Jalapeno Pepper Soup on the menu and right below it the option for a blend of their chowder and the pepper soup. Outrageously good, I made LadyPB hold off mixing it all together when it arrived as a nice pool of green surrounded by the white chowder. Both very good on their own, but combined.... I gotta get back there!

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                          It was at the Bayside, but wouldn't be surprised if Fred's offered some decent soup.

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                        Great news about the Bayside CAfe- going to be camping/kayaking at MBSP in mid- July. We have never eatten there- look forward to it!

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                          That soup would surely hit the spot on a foggy, cool, July day.

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                          boy, I was wrong. thought it was tumeric. Maybe both?

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                            Sorry, brain cramp, you're absolutely correct, damn those "T" words... all look alike. Any idea how to replicate it?

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                              It's been a while since I've had it, but I remember it as being not too sweet; it reminded me of the flavor of homemade bread & butter pickles. If you searched recipes for that, it might give you the basis for experiments. Tumeric itself is often used for color, the flavor is pretty strong, maybe abit bitter, so start slowly at first. Good luck. Let us know if you come up with a winner!

                              Maybe Grandma or Auntie just mixed the remnants of a jar of B&B pickles and juice into a batch of slaw. I've been known to do things like that! My mom's secret potato salad ingredient was minced peperoncini , also a bit of juice from the bottle. My teenage brother's Italian buddies LOVED it, so it became the family recipe. Gallons and gallons consumed each summer.

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                                I think you nailed it, TJ, the pickling spice taste and slight hint of sweetness probably from a light hand with the juice. Love the potato salad suggestion also, thanks much.

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                                  Just returned from Morro Bay- and enjoyed Giovannis, BaySide and pizza at Sadettis (sp- correct name?) and our favorite was Taco de Mexico...never got a chance to hit up Taco Temple- I swear someone cursed me from ever getting there!!!!

                                  Loved the fish and chips, fresh oysters, dungeness crab and salmon collars at Giovannis.

                                  The BaySide- I totally forgot to order the slaw- in fact it wasn't even offered to us...or perhaps I was in a fog and didn't hear it...The Green Chili soup intrigued me- but darn it- I passed- loved that they offered to blend the Green Chili and the Chowder- I bet that is fantastic! The chipotle burger was said to be delicious, and the clams also delicious. Nice help -but a tad curt- guess they, like I , have their fill of tourists sometimes- we have all been there, no?

                                  Sadetti- was delicious. The crust was a wee bit much for me, but the cheese fresh and the pizza was pipping hot on delivery. The best for me was the casear salad- fresh home made croutons , crispy romaine and housemade dressing that was perfect. The pizza port down the road was having a surf benefit- so we went here instead- GREAT CHOICE!

                                  Taco de Mexico was the rec from Matt at the Kayak Shak- I asked him if Taco Temple was as good as folks say- and he gave me that look- the look a local gives you when they have heard enough crap for a day. He said if I wanted fresh homemade "cheesey and saucy" mexican food- T de M was for us. So glad I asked. Run down, cheap plastic, and the door is constantly left open...but the FOOD was fantastic. Generous amounts of meat, pipping hot and de-eeeeeelisious. The wet burrito was a hit, the enchiladas- the tacos- the beans- and the meat- all hit the spot. And the prices were easy on the wallet- a must for us campers!

                                  Morro Bay is Santa Barbara without the crapola, the snobs and the over priced baloney.

                                  Can't wait to go back!

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                                    JM, where is Sadetti? Nothing comes up on Google. TIA

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                                      I am spelling it wrong...need someone to tell me the correct name- is is spelled with a s..maybe sabretti, sapetti??? IT is right up the street from the Pizza Port- on the main drag in town. Small place- maybe 5 tables with red checked covers. It is in front of the brewing company/restaurant.

                                      Again- cannot wait to return- thank goodness we are only 1 hour and 10 minutes away!

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                                        Could this be it?

                                        Sabetta's Pizza & Pasta
                                        897 Main St
                                        Morro Bay, CA 93442
                                        (805) 772-0200


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                                          two thumbs up. I was close wasn't I?