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What's your favorite Danbury places? Why?
Haven't been in a couple of years and want to go exploring.
Thanks for the leads

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  1. I'm giving this thread a bump, as I'm going to be in Danbury, and am looking for good places for dinner. Thanks!

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      in Danbury .... tough. Sesame Seed is about the only dinner place I can really recommend. Chris' American in BRookfield is ok, but pricey. Osaka on Federal Road is pretty decent. errrrr.

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        Old Heidleberg (technically in Bethel) - German
        Thali's down in Ridgefield for Indian
        Kabukis for sushi
        Sinapis or Michaelangelos for Pizza
        Hannas MiddleEastern - although mainly for the hummus
        Panchos Tacos for Mexican
        Tapei Tokyo for Chinese
        Bangkok for Thai

      2. For really fun, authentic German food Old Hiedelburg is great, they have fantastic impossible to find German beers and the food isn't bad either. Festivus year round (all the traditional German Fests with the band occasionally) The spatzle is not to be missed.

        1. Rizzuto's on the Danbury/Newtown/Bethel border is good
          La Zingara in Bethel is excellent
          House of Yoshida is very good sushi
          Pizzeria Lauretano in Bethel. Excellent wood-fired neapolitan pizza

          Pizzeria Lauretano
          291 Greenwood Ave, Bethel, CT 06801

          La Zingara
          8 P T Barnum Sq, Bethel, CT 06801

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            So happy I found this thread! SO is in Danbury (Newton) tonight and needs a place to eat :)

            Rizzuto's is it.

            I'll ask him to report back.

            Its been years since I've been to Danbury . . .

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              SO said the service was very good. It was very crowded (takeout, etc.).

              He had the baked clams which were cold and raw. He didn't say, but I'm guessing if he told his server they were properly cooked and returned to him :)

              He said the pasta was okay. He had a pasta dish with asparagus, broccoli, garlic, etc.

              No espresso.

              Looks like it opened in 2004 and there are 4 restaurants (family owned or a chain?):


          2. I noticed a sign for a Middle Eastern restaurant on Mill Plain Road (same complex as Panda House) last time I drove by. Does anyone know if Hanna's moved or is it a new place? I noticed it too late to stop for a menu.

            PS Frank Peppe's pizza is opening on 1/31.

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              I don't think it's Hanna's... I saw the sign last week and it was something like "Kebbeteria." I don't know anything more about it, though, sorry... I am definitely curious, though.

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                Between the hard to read sign,non visible location and a web site still not completed that was created in August. This shouldn't last too long.
                Anyone know about the "Max 40 "restaurant up the street from there it looks like it is going to be a huge place


                1. re: luv2eatct

                  Actually, the date on the website is 08-01-2011, so unless they created it 6 months in the future, I think it's probably in European date format which means it was created 11 days ago.

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    thanks for pointing that out Mr Bill .My dislexia strikes again! I am retracting my point about the website. But I do think they need a better sign

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                    Whoops. I sure did mangle the name! LOL! Thanks for the correction and the website.

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                      Update on Kibberia - I emailed the address shown on the website and asked for a menu. Within a few hours, they had emailed it to me, calling it a "temporary" menu. Apparently, they're tweaking it for final printing, which is why it's not yet on the website. Looks pretty interesting and worth checking out. Lots of variety on the kibbe front (beef, chicken, fish, lentil, pumpkin or potato) plus shewarma, kafta, falafel, hummus (several varieties), tabouli, baba ghanouj, fattoush and other salads, soups, breads/desserts.

                      If anyone tries it, report back. I'll do the same...

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                        I stopped in when we were driving past on Saturday. It's not really what I would call a full service restaurant. There are tables and a couch, not clear there was waitress service or if you just had to walk up to a counter to order. Prices are reasonable, nothing more than $8.49. I hope the hummus is homemade -- the varieties looked like what Sabra sells at Costco. Did not try any of the food.

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                        Stopped in last week to see if it was open and was told next week (2/23/11). Max 40 only takes up about ¼ of the building so not as big as it looks. The space looks beautiful. Custom wood ceiling, butiful red chandelier (yea Red…it actually looks great). Big circular bar…..Real nice. Took a peak at menu and looks like an upscale Pub or American menu. Everything from burgers, pizza, dinner salads to Salmon and Filet. They even had a wine rack that took up the entire wall. Looks cool and hip. Not like anything I’ve seen in Danbury. Can’t wait till it opens!!!

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                          Based on your description CT, I can't wait either!

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                            Max 40 isn't open? The parking lot looked crowded when I drove past recently.

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                              Max 40 is open. Went for dinner Friday night (3/4/11). We sat at the bar for a drink first. They have a projector that plays old Black & White movies on the wall ( cool). Then we sat down for dinner. We had a onion and mushroom pizza for an App (good). Then I had a Filet w/ gorgonzola for dinner & wife had a salmon salad. Fresh baked bread was warm. All was good even the service. Looks like they will be opening an outdoor patio soon. After dinner around 10pm the we went to bar for a drink and it was full. Nice bar crowd and music was pumping. Not a quit romantic scene but a fun upbeat feel. Prices were fare. Think we spent about $70 on dinner with an App and a drink each. Will go back.

                              1. re: CTfoodNut

                                Thanks so much for the review! I wish they had a menu online! I like the sound of the salmon salad... right up my alley, and my SO would probably love the filet with gorgonzola! We will have to check it out one of these days...

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                              I wish they'd publish the menu online/have a website...I really don't feel like driving 20 minutes just to take a look at the menu.

                        2. There is very little. Bangkok on Mill Plain Road near Exit 8 is worth trying. The good thing about Sesame Seed on West Wooster Street is that it's affordable and funky. A new pizza place on Mill Plain Road is pretty darn good. It's called Stanziatos. If you don't mind a half-hour drive and a pricier meal, Carol Peck's Good News Cafe in Woodbury is better than anything you can get in the Danbury area. The restaurants in Ridgefield, an upscale town just to the south, are not very interesting but tend to be expensive. Do a web search of Ridgefield restaurants, and see what you think.

                          Sesame Seed Restaurant
                          68 W Wooster St, Danbury, CT 06810

                          Carol Peck's Good News Cafe
                          694 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798

                          1. Pho Vietnam
                            Hanna's Middleastern
                            Pancho's Tacos
                            Terra Brasilis
                            Marcus Dairy Diner

                            Marcus Dairy Restaurant
                            5 Sugar Hollow Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

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                            1. re: RatherBeFishing

                              marcus dairy closed opening whole foods there

                              1. re: luv2eatct

                                Wow! 18 months according to an article I just read. And once again a major food store gives those of us in Northern Westchester a closer option out of state than their stores in Westchester (TJ the first).

                                Where will all the motorcyclists go now?

                            2. While i agree that Carole Peck's is still our favorite place for a celebration dinner, I have to admit that our favorite place to have lunch right in Danbury is Chuk's Steakhouse near exit 4 off I-84. It's American food and it has a big, fresh salad bar with fresh baked sourdough bread. And that is included with any entree all the way down to a crock of mac-n-cheese for $8. (Its an add-on to burgers and sandwiches which are in the $7+ range. We normally get seafood for lunch. Today DW got grilled salmon which was served with a fresh salsa. I got a roasted stuffed scrod. They were $12 each. It's kind of a nice rustic place; you can eat out in the greenhouse or inside where they have a couple of big fireplaces. Evrything is grilled in the open grill area, Burgers are very good.


                              Chuck's Steak House
                              20 Segar St, Danbury, CT 06810

                                1. I just went to Hanna's for lunch after reading this board - two of us split fattoush, foul, a mixed plate & a glass of wine for $28. I enjoyed all of it: easy, fast, good.

                                  1. I'm hoping to revive this thread. There are some suggestions on here that I've really enjoyed, so far.

                                    - Pho Vietnam is *great*. Not that Manhattan pho is such great shakes, but it is undoubtedly true that Pho Vietnam serves much better pho than I've had anywhere in my home town. Bubble teas are also well made with nice, soft, fresh tapioca pearls. Other dishes like bun are ok, but not nearly as good.

                                    - The Vietnamese owned Asian market on Main St. called Son's Atlantic Market, I believe, sells a great hacked chicken on weekends. My husband and I weren't that into the filled buns or beef filled pastries we tried, since the ones we purchased were a bit stale. But that hacked chicken is excellent, flavorful through and through.

                                    On the other hand... Desert Moon Cafe, which I saw recommended on another thread or two, was pretty bad when I tried it. I do prefer Mexican to Tex Mex if I have the option, but I don't hate Tex Mex when it's done well. This wasn't. Enchiladas were made with flour tortillas, rubbery, sparsely filled with bland chicken, and topped with something that tasted like melted Velveeta with salsa. Pico de gallo was strangely sweet. Tortilla chips were stale. A smoothie we tried tasted completely artificial.

                                    Does anyone know if Old Heidelberg allows dogs on the patio outside?

                                    I've also passed by a Salvadoran restaurant with a yellow sign (I think) a few times, but don't remember the name. Can anyone help me with that? Is it any good? I'm a huge fan of Salvadoran food.

                                    Thanks! Hope to stir the conversation, a bit...

                                    Desert Moon
                                    50 Holyoke St, Holyoke, MA 01040

                                    Atlantic Market
                                    350 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06906

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                                    1. re: michelleats

                                      Desert Moon is terrible... I agree. Also agree Pho Vietnam is wonderful. Another favorite of mine is Edo II - tiny little Korean and Japanese place. My SO loves their bulgogi and I'm a fan of the sizzling bowl bibimbap. Last night, I tried their sushi - rainbow roll and snow white roll. Delicious and fresh. I was happy. Plus, I got to snarf SO's ban chan, because he doesn't like it. Kimchi and all the other mystery items were wonderful.

                                      Would be interested to know about the Salvadoran place you mention. I also recommend Empire of the Incas in Bethel. Very good ceviche, arroz con camaron and, I'm told the lomo saltado is excellent. We usually get takeout, but the one time we ate in was great, too. Although I think it's odd that they serve what seems like Italian bread and butter... Oh, and the spicy green sauce the serve with the arroz dishes is fantastic. I don't know what is in it, but I adore it and always ask for extra.

                                      1. re: saturngrrl

                                        saturngrrl, THANKS! (I've actually been reading your posts for years, long before I joined CH, and have always appreciated them.) I'll be sure to try Empire of the Incas for Peruvian and Edo II for Korean. I have driven by the latter many times, but never been, since I'm usually a bit skeptical of places that claim to specialize in more than one Asian cuisine at a time. And I never pass up an opportunity for good Peruvian, which I think is one of the most underrated cuisines in the world.

                                        I still haven't tried the Salvadoran place, but one fairly good place I've discovered since that post is called Mysore. Despite the name, it is north not south Indian. The food is well made, the college-aged waiter who works there is a lovely human being, and it's not far from Pho Vietnam.

                                        1. re: michelleats

                                          OK, this is funny. We LOVE Mysore! Every few weeks, when a craving for Indian hits, we hit their weekend buffet. It's not as spicy as I would like it to be, but it's usually very good, plenty of variety and I agree that guy is great. Although I *think* he might be the owner, believe it or not. I could be wrong... We used to drive over to Brewster for Jaipore's buffet, but this is as good or better and closer. Just not in the same pretty old house, which is a much nicer ambiance.

                                          As for Edo II, the only reason I even KNOW about it is that the Korean lady who does my nails (Sha Nails in Brookfield - wonderful!) told me about it. She knows the woman who owns it with her husband. She's responsible for the Korean food; he's the sushi chef. They're lovely. I hope you get to try it and like it as much as we do! :-)

                                          Where is this Salvadoran place? Downtown? You've got me curious now.

                                        2. re: saturngrrl

                                          Hi saturngrrl, I finally had a chance to try the branch of Empire of the Incas in Danbury. The lomo saltado was pretty good, made with good quality, tender beef. Ceviche mixto had great leche de tigre and wasn't over "cooked" . The tamale was so-so. I'm glad to know about this place. I like it. Thanks, again, for the tip!


                                          Oh, incidentlaly, there's an Asian market a few doors over that I popped into while I was waiting for my food. The market sells zhonzi, those leaf-wrapped things filled with rice and generally meat and/or peanuts and/or something else. They have two kinds, meat and red bean paste. You take them home and zap them for about 40 seconds in the microwave. These were decent and only 80 cents each. I'll try to figure out how to post photos of all of this stuff, later.

                                          1. re: michelleats


                                            (1) tamale, (2) lomo saltado and (3) ceviche mixto from Empire of the Incas.

                                            (4) and (5) zongzi from Asia Fresh Market (one filled with adzuki bean paste, the other with meat and peanuts). I'm not sure whether this market has zongzi year round. They're traditionally eaten for the Dragon Boat Festival, which took place on something like 6/23 this year.

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                                          Unfortunately Danbury only has a handful of good eating establishments, most of which have already been mentioned. Given the population of the greater area, it's a bummer there's no more good places to eat. The big national chains are VERY popular in that area for whatever reason.

                                          As mentioned, Sesame Seed in Danbury is very good and different.

                                          Kolam in Newtown has the best Indian food in the area by far. They are part of the superlative Coromandel family of restaurants along the coast.

                                          Old Heidelberg is great. La Zingara is solid. Pizzeria Laurentano is definitely great gourmet wood-fired pizza (was not impressed by Stanziato's in that regard).

                                          Of course, one must go to Pepe's. It might not be as good as the original New Haven location, but it's still the best pizza in the area.

                                          El Coyote in Brookfield just opened, which is a really nice break from the Pancho's and Gringo's style slop. I have loved their restaurant in Newtown/Monroe for a long time.

                                          I actually like Pancho's Tacos in Danbury. A bit of a dive, but it has some pretty solid authentic Mexican food.

                                          I have a soft spot for TK's wings. Their wing sauce is awesome.

                                          Terra Brasilis has good Brazilian food (not much for atmosphere, good as a take out place), Amigo's good Cuban take-out.

                                          I'm not that impressed with the higher end places that have sprung up on Mill Plain Road, but I guess Spasi is pretty OK. I thought Stanziato's pizza was an admirable attempt but ultimately completely overrated. Been to Prespa a few times, eh.

                                          The 2 places I've been meaning to try are Pho Vietnam and that new tapas joint on Mill Plain. And if I ever feel like blowing the money, Ondine.

                                          I lived in the area for a long time and, while I'm glad I moved for greener culinary pastures, my exploring did yield a few solid places. And you're always about 45 minutes from some of CT's best food scenes: the Norwalk/Stamford and Milford/New Haven areas. And you can travel north to Litchfield County for some truly great places (Community Table, Mamie's, Belgique), which I often did and often still do even though I'm much further away.

                                          1. re: Stylo

                                            Thanks for your input! I agree with you that the food at El Coyote is fantastic. The one in Brookfield, however, I cannot eat in. It's too loud and cramped and horrible. So, it's takeout for us, which has mostly been good, but our last order was completely mangled. They were out of rice (which is the only side my SO will eat!) and they didn't give me ANY of the standard fajita accompaniments for the fajitas I ordered. I was pretty mad. When I called, the person who answered told me the manager was "not available" to speak with me, and nobody bothered to respond to my email. Can't say I'm in a huge hurry to give them more business.

                                            Anyway...I also agree that Stanziato's is overrated. Plus, I had a crappy customer service experience there. I ordered a white pizza and was mystified by the red sauce that appeared on it. The owner actually ARGUED with me about it. Rude. Haven't been back.

                                            Also love Pancho's, Pepe's and Amigo's, and am a huge fan of Belgique and Mamie's, too! Based on our similar preferences, I need to try Kolam and Terra Brasilis. Do try Pho - it's really good. I haven't ventured to Ondine yet, but keep meaning to. I really liked Adrienne when we went there for my birthday a couple of years ago, as did my S.O. We need to get back there...

                                            Has anybody ventured up to The White Horse in Marbledale? It was recommended to us and my S.O. would like to try it for his birthday next weekend... I'd love to hear any feedback.

                                            1. re: saturngrrl

                                              White Horse is pretty solid American pub type food, but if it were my money - I'd venture to Community Table, which is in the same vicinity.

                                              1. re: Stylo

                                                OK, I'll suggest that. I'm not familiar with it - can you give some more specifics, or have you posted a review already? I'll do a search... THANKS!

                                                1. re: saturngrrl

                                                  It's a locavore/farm-to-table place with a small menu that rotates out often. IMO might be Litchfield County's finest. It's on par with LeFarm in Westport, Bespoke in New Haven, etc.

                                        4. Nobody on this thread has mentioned Goulash Place. Is it still open? I haven't been in years but loved it ...

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                                          1. re: cteats

                                            As of last week at least, Goulash Place is still open.

                                          2. We found a place that's relatively new.....called Gourmet To Go / Event Catering in Danbury. Looks like a catering place that has expanded to offer retail lunch and dinner items. If you are looking for something different, not your standard deli fare, you might want to check them out. Their website, www.eventcaterersct.com does not have the retail menu yet although they said they will be restructuring the site.

                                            1. Danbury restaurants don't participate in any Restaurant Weeks, do they? I know that CT has many, Stamford is going on currently.

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                                                1. re: rbailin

                                                  If anyone knows someone in the Danbury Chamber of Commerce (or something similar), you should suggest that they do a RW.

                                                  1. re: MisterBill2

                                                    FWIW, I emailed the CT restaurant week people and suggested a Danbury Restaurant Week to them. They thought it was a good idea and were going to try to find the correct person to talk to.

                                              1. Bangkok is still nearly as good as the day the Thai restaurant opened almost two decades ago; they have the seasonings "right," although some menu items have dropped away like the satays made from pork, only chicken left.
                                                Also dependable is Chuck's Steak house and have never had a bad meal there - simple grilled meat or fish, French onion soup, a nice salad bar, crispy crust sourdough or pumpernickel bread - very American-style, very comforting.
                                                For a simple on-the-go meal, head to the little German Karl Ehmer deli near the Georgetown section. The wonderful ladies there will whip up a great thin salami and swiss sandwich on buttered Lithuanian rye bread that will hit the spot.
                                                For traditional higher-end French and tableside service, try Ondine or head north to Belgique in Kent or Carole Peck's in Woodbury, or La Fortuna in Bethel - a hidden old-world gem.

                                                1. This seems to be the all purpose Danbury thread, so I'll ask here: Has anyone been to Indian Food and Spice on Padanaram Rd.? How's the prepared food in the buffet and prices in the market?

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                                                  1. re: michelleats

                                                    Ooooh, no, but I'm always curious whenever we drive by there on our way to Mysore for the Sunday lunch buffet. We seem to go there about once a month and we've always been happy with it. I'll be watching to see if anyone comments on the place you asked about!!

                                                    1. re: saturngrrl

                                                      Welp, it happened sooner than I thought it would. Dropped by today (Sunday) in the early evening. There was no buffet that I could see, but there were some prepared foods in the refrigerator case -- mostly samosas of various types and prepared dosa batter.

                                                      They sell all the essentials: toor, masoor, urad and other dals; rice flours (fine ground and iddli) and flours / meals, including corn, gram, wheat; nuts; dried fruits; frozen prepared foods (north and south Indian, kulfi); lots of snacks (Mirch Masala and Bombay Kitchen brands, probably others). There was a small selection of picked-over produce late on Sunday, including kerala, drumsticks, Indian eggplants, tiny Indian green chiles, cilantro, potatoes. The produce is probably fresher earlier in the day.

                                                      Prices were fair, at least by NYC standards, and the folks who run it seem friendly. Good place to know about, especially if you want ingredients for cooking at home or if you want prepackaged prepared foods that are a touch more authentic than what you'd find at Trader Joe's.