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Feb 25, 2009 10:05 AM

Cooking frozen ravioli, but not boiling

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I want to know if it is a good idea to place the frozen ravioli in the sauce and heat/simmer/cook them that way? The same way you would do lasagna without boiling the noodles first.

What, if any, are the drawbacks to this?

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  1. I do not boil my ravioli.
    I spread a bit of the sauce in the bottom of a pyrex baking pan and spread the frozen ravioli in the pan without them touching each other. I spoon more sauce on top and bake.
    Comes out perfect every time!

    Drawbacks to doing them in a pan might be that they might stick to each other.
    I like my oven method (I actually do them in a toaster oven), so I can just pop them in there & not have to attend to them. Big time saver.

    What kind of frozen ravioli do you use?

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    1. re: Isabella

      Thanx Isabella, that sounds wonderful. If I did them in the oven, what temp. would i use and for how long?
      Cover with Alum. foil too?

      This time I am just using Private Selection. They were on sale so thought I would give them a try. And there is no alternate cooking methods on the bag besides boiling and I'm not a big fan of that.

      Thanx again

      1. re: block2221

        You'll find suggested oven temperatures ranging from 375 to 425 degrees, but I suspect 400 degrees should work just fine.

        1. re: block2221

          Well, I do mine in the countertop oven on 400 - 425 (it doesn't get as hot as my former oven). Cover with foil & seal tightly. Oh, and I am using a tomato based sauce. If you want to make a Rosa sauce, just add a bit of cream to your sauce. Works wonders!

          There's something about baking the ravioli that just makes them seem richer & less "watery". Great, I skipped dinner . . . and now I want some!

        1. I agree with Isabella

          I still mine boiled or steamed first, but putting them in the sauce works. Now depends what kinds of sauce. A tomato based sauce works since it has some moisture and the ravioli can set in there. Some of mine have a light pesto sauce and a light butter sage sauce, so that obviously won't work. I have steamed mine in a small pie plate with a little water and covered with saran wrap in the micro, low temp for a few minutes. They turned out just fine. So I like the traditional way, but there are alternatives which are ok in comparison. Depends all on the sauce you are using. A cheese sauce NO. I would steam and then warm the cheese sauce seperately.