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Feb 25, 2009 10:03 AM

food justice/food access in Philadelphia

i've gotten great recs for restaurants to visit this weekend when i'm in town from boston, and now i'm looking to see if i can find out more about food issues in Philadelphia. i work for a non-profit that teaches cooking classes to inner-city youth, and we're really interested to learn about how other cities approach food justice and food access issues. i haven't been able to find out much on my own, so i thought i'd ask hounders. anything from urban gardening collectives, government initiatives, or cooking classes like ours, i'd really appreciate learning about. thanks!

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    1. Contact the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College at 42nd & Walnut

      1. definitely check out greensgrow, an urban farm in fishtown - the place is great. is that what you're looking for?