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Feb 25, 2009 08:48 AM

2 New Irish pubs opening in March & April 2009 in Leslieville

Just ecstatic about the two new Irish pubs opening in my neighborhood very soon. THE ROY (formerly KUBO RADIO's address) apparently opens first week of March and second pub its competition the CEILI COTTAGE (owner of STARFISH) opens either late March or in April.

Can't wait especially for THE ROY because it's less than a 5 minutes walk from my house. Also, Sunday brunches with Coronation Street airing on the TV. Yes, it's the perfect location for Corrie 'pings'. AWESOME!!! Passed by the place yesterday and could already taste my first pint there. LOL

The Roy Public House-- 894 Queen Street East (Queen/Logan area)

The Ceili Cottage-- 1301 Queen Street East (Queen just east of Leslie)

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  1. Passed by The Roy yesterday and saw people doing work on the place from the outside. Word on the street it is going to open this Saturday March 7th. Anyway, I'll walk by every day and be on the look out! ;)

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      I emailed them and was told they are aiming to open on the 9th.. no menu yet but I'll email back on the 9th to find out about the menu and report back! Im excited and I realllly hope this is good.

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        Yeah, if everything is on schedule it looks like they'll be opening on Monday March 9th. Let's hope everything works out that way. Anyway, I stumbled upon the owner of The Roy's blog. It's quite an interesting read. ;)

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          Thanks for the info. I look forward to checking out these places, especially the oyster bar.

          Do you know who owns the Roy?

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      1. WOW, all of a sudden this thread is laughs. Too many connoisseurs here! LOL Anyway, I can't wait for both of these pubs to open. However, I'm definitely more excited for THE ROY because it's way closer. It honestly feels like I'm gonna have my very own CHEERS or ROVERS RETURN INN down the street. Always wanted a cool pub within walking distance and now I'll have at least 2. I'll be stumbling home at one these places for sure on St.Paddy's day. ;)

        Got addicted to Coronation Street because of the girlfriend and now I'm so looking forward to Sunday brunches at THE ROY watching CS.

        Woah, I just noticed some other people's posts got deleted. Here's to CHOWHOUND's censorship!!! LOL

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          Leaving work early today and I'm gonna stop by The Roy for opening day. Probably gonna try their fish & chips and grab a pint today. ;)

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            This will be my last post on this thread for awhile or people will start suggesting I work for THE ROY and claim I'm a promoter for them. Too bad CHOWHOUND deleted some people's posts. It now looks like I'm the only one contributing to this thread. LOL

            Anyway, I enjoyed my first visit there and will definitely be back for Sunday brunches with Coronation Street. The place looked absolutely fabulous for its opening and I couldn't believe how busy it was when I left only a few minutes ago. Service was great considering how busy the pub was tonight.

            I was very surprised the clientele was even more poshy and upscale than I expected. It honestly felt like the after work King/Bay crowd, but in my very own backyard. LOL As somebody mentioned to me at the bar, many of the clienteles don't necessarily live in Leslieville, but live close enough for the commute to the bar.

            Fish&Chips was pretty good there, but I'm the type of person who will definitely whine and bitch later about it, especially if it cost me $13.95 plus tax and tip excluding my pint. Next time I eat F&C there I'll definitely make somebody else pay. LOL

            I'll probably give my 2 cents and revisit this thread with another review once their competitor The Ceili Cottage opens in the next little while and I visit that one.

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          1. So, I went to the Roy last night. I love the atmosphere and the beer. The food--not so much. I had the Roast Beef Dip it was incredibly bland and gristley. The fries looked like they would be good, but were also very bland. The Roy is a great new watering hole but the food does not meet chowhound standards..

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