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2 New Irish pubs opening in March & April 2009 in Leslieville

Just ecstatic about the two new Irish pubs opening in my neighborhood very soon. THE ROY (formerly KUBO RADIO's address) apparently opens first week of March and second pub its competition the CEILI COTTAGE (owner of STARFISH) opens either late March or in April.

Can't wait especially for THE ROY because it's less than a 5 minutes walk from my house. Also, Sunday brunches with Coronation Street airing on the TV. Yes, it's the perfect location for Corrie 'pings'. AWESOME!!! Passed by the place yesterday and could already taste my first pint there. LOL

The Roy Public House-- 894 Queen Street East (Queen/Logan area)

The Ceili Cottage-- 1301 Queen Street East (Queen just east of Leslie)




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  1. Passed by The Roy yesterday and saw people doing work on the place from the outside. Word on the street it is going to open this Saturday March 7th. Anyway, I'll walk by every day and be on the look out! ;)

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      I emailed them and was told they are aiming to open on the 9th.. no menu yet but I'll email back on the 9th to find out about the menu and report back! Im excited and I realllly hope this is good.

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        Yeah, if everything is on schedule it looks like they'll be opening on Monday March 9th. Let's hope everything works out that way. Anyway, I stumbled upon the owner of The Roy's blog. It's quite an interesting read. ;)


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          Thanks for the info. I look forward to checking out these places, especially the oyster bar.

          Do you know who owns the Roy?

    2. WOW, all of a sudden this thread is laughs. Too many connoisseurs here! LOL Anyway, I can't wait for both of these pubs to open. However, I'm definitely more excited for THE ROY because it's way closer. It honestly feels like I'm gonna have my very own CHEERS or ROVERS RETURN INN down the street. Always wanted a cool pub within walking distance and now I'll have at least 2. I'll be stumbling home at one these places for sure on St.Paddy's day. ;)

      Got addicted to Coronation Street because of the girlfriend and now I'm so looking forward to Sunday brunches at THE ROY watching CS.

      Woah, I just noticed some other people's posts got deleted. Here's to CHOWHOUND's censorship!!! LOL

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        Leaving work early today and I'm gonna stop by The Roy for opening day. Probably gonna try their fish & chips and grab a pint today. ;)

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          This will be my last post on this thread for awhile or people will start suggesting I work for THE ROY and claim I'm a promoter for them. Too bad CHOWHOUND deleted some people's posts. It now looks like I'm the only one contributing to this thread. LOL

          Anyway, I enjoyed my first visit there and will definitely be back for Sunday brunches with Coronation Street. The place looked absolutely fabulous for its opening and I couldn't believe how busy it was when I left only a few minutes ago. Service was great considering how busy the pub was tonight.

          I was very surprised the clientele was even more poshy and upscale than I expected. It honestly felt like the after work King/Bay crowd, but in my very own backyard. LOL As somebody mentioned to me at the bar, many of the clienteles don't necessarily live in Leslieville, but live close enough for the commute to the bar.

          Fish&Chips was pretty good there, but I'm the type of person who will definitely whine and bitch later about it, especially if it cost me $13.95 plus tax and tip excluding my pint. Next time I eat F&C there I'll definitely make somebody else pay. LOL

          I'll probably give my 2 cents and revisit this thread with another review once their competitor The Ceili Cottage opens in the next little while and I visit that one.

        1. So, I went to the Roy last night. I love the atmosphere and the beer. The food--not so much. I had the Roast Beef Dip it was incredibly bland and gristley. The fries looked like they would be good, but were also very bland. The Roy is a great new watering hole but the food does not meet chowhound standards..

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          1. We also stopped into the Roy last night for a couple of pints. The place was incredibly busy so we sat at the bar. The bartender was very friendly and their was a nice, comfortable buzz to the room - seemed obvious that people were anxious for a place like this to open in the hood.

            We didn't eat, but the drinks were very reasonably priced with pints at $5.00 and selections on the wine list starting at $24.50 a bottle. Compared to a recent visit to Prohibition where glasses of the house white were $10.00, the Roy really seems to have identified and filled the need for an honest pub in the area.

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              I agree with your assessment completely. We had drinks there on Tuesday night and dinner there last night. We found the food to be underwhelming but for a place like this to open at the bottom of our street, I'm thrilled otherwise. Mark, the bartender and one of the co-owners (I think) made a point of asking what we thought of the food and to be brutally honest as they want to make sure their new kitchen can work any kinks out quickly. We mentioned the issues we had and he was keen to hear them and thanked us for being honest.

              The atmosphere is great, the beer is reasonably priced and the service is very good. It's going to be great to be able to just wander down the street to have a pint and read the paper for an hour or so, stop in for a quick drink after work, etc. A great addition to the neighbourhood.

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                Today we stopped by the pub before heading to the St. Paddy's parade for a bit. Had the Irish breakfast for their first Sunday brunch which aired Coronation Street on the TV. I have to agree with everyone about the food. SO-SO!!! With that said I'll still be coming back again and again to this new pub in my neighborhood. The place is very nice and the service was still good compared to my first night there.

                Since I live less than a 5 minutes walk from the place I'll definitely be coming back for food and drinks. My attendance will be based on proximity alone. LOL

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                  I went to Roy's for the first time last night. I have to agree about the food. My friend warned me against the nachos, she'd had them and they'd been greasy. So we ordered the calamari and the sausages (we were just snacking). Sausages were good but the calamari was greasy. We couldn't eat them. The Kilkenny was good though so we had a few pints. We decided it was a good place for a pint or two but not for food. Luckily we have many fine options for food in Leslieville now!

            2. A good sized group of us when to The Roy last night for their Sunday Roast dinner. I have to say that we all agreed the dinner was excellent.. Ok it is not "gourmet" but then it was not suppose to be. We have enough of those restaurants already. Yorkshire pudding was delicious. The price was very fair.
              Welcome to the neighbour hood Roy - exactly what we need and wishing you much success.

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                Went there on Saturday about 6:00 p.m. Packed! Line up for tables! Sat at the bar and had a couple of pints - nice and cold! Perfect....then had some of their home made nachos! The best nachos in town!!! Met lots of people...the owners were super hospitable! Will be back there very soon...it's nice to see this place taking off....

              2. Meanwhile, practically across the street from me, one can really see the Ceili Cottage starting to take shape. I imagine it's going to be a fantastic spot when it's done.

                1. Does anyone have any updates on Ceili Cottage? I've been looking forward to the opening for what seems like months now! :-)

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                    This is one I've been waiting for also!!! Any news??

                  2. Walking past Ceili Cottage early evening yesterday, I noticed they seemed to be hosting some private group on the patio, I forget what their group name was on the chalkboard outside. It did say "everyone welcome!" though, but I was strolling my baby so didn't bother. They had some kid Riverdancing out there too, and everyone was drinking pints so obviously the liquor license is in place. But I didn't see any food, and I didn't notice that the party was inside as well.

                    Got to think the public opening is any day, though!

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                      Patrick twittered last night that they're now open for business.

                      I read somewhere else that the event earlier this week was a fundraiser for the Irish dance school that is located behind the pub.

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                          I noticed the menu said theyre offering "kettle chips".. I thought they said they dont have a deep frier? Are these going to be baked, I wonder? Or just like purchased chips?

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                            Don't kettle chips come out of a bag?

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                        Just got back! Think bar with decent food and oysters. The price points are pretty good and they apparently serve to closing, so that's a plus. We're interested in the weekly specials - they'll roast something on Sunday and use it throughout the week.

                        Note: They're still learning in there, so so don't be in a rush to do anything - be it eating, drinking, or whatnot. Also it gets rammed in there at 11pm, as they have to clear the patio at that time due to regulations.

                        I have photos, but not yet processed. I'm a bit behind.

                        http://www.foodpr0n.com/ -- food. is. love.

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                          Menu looks quite good, but I was amused by:

                          Daily specials will be listed on the chalkboard including the weekly roast dinner which will be:
                          Hot on Sunday
                          Cold on Monday

                          1. re: Squeakycheese

                            lol, that's what I had wondered until they explained it to us. They do a roast each week. So on Sunday they do, say a roast beef, it'll be a hot roast special on sunday, sandwich on monday, etc.... and they use the entire beef. We were told that was pretty traditional in Ireland. We thought the concept was pretty neat and joked about trying the entire progression one week.

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                              Serve it with Yorkshire Pudding and it would be very traditional.

                              Has anyone tried the Irish breakfast yet? It appears to be what I've been looking for.

                                1. re: ChalkBoy

                                  But have you tasted it? The menu certainly suggests it's the real deal. Having had the atrocious version at the *choke * *gasp* Irish Embassy I can tell you words are deceiving. The high water mark for me is the version served at the Tara Inn in Scarborough. 100% the real deal. Saving a trip to the 'burbs to get it would be amazing.

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                                    I want to try the breakfast at some point, but we're so not early risers. The other interesting thing is that they have a market on Saturday - not sure what exactly that entails though.

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                                      The Ceili Cottage is a real Irish Pub, with EXCELLENT food and great beer on tap (nothing bottled). Just had lunch there and the oysters were fresh and the assortment of grilled oysters came in four very yummy sauces. Peat smoked organic salmon, fresh local organic greens in a heather-honey vinaigrette, a mutton burger...all searved on a spacious , sunny patio. Patrick rules!