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Feb 25, 2009 08:41 AM

Best Breakfast in Nashville?

OK, so I've done Pancake Pantry and am looking for other breakfast (or brunch) options in Nashville. I'll take anything so long as it is interesting and not part of a chain. I'm meaning to try brunch at Miel and enjoy dim-sum at Ou Yang House, but could really go for anything from a greasy breakfast, to an omelette specialist, to you-name-it. Extra points for breakfast cocktails. Where do you like to go out for breakfast?

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  1. To me there's a big difference between "breakfast places" and "places which serve brunch on the weekends, at which one might find cocktails."

    For regular sit-down-and-be-waitied breakfast that isn't Southern, I'd go with Noshville (Hillsboro Village and Green Hills) and Athens. If you want Southern, go for Loveless Cafe (definitely Southern). Order-at-the-counter breakfasts that I gravitate to are Fido, Provence, and Bread and Company.

    I don't have a lot of experience going out to brunch, but I do like Germantown Cafe in general, and their brunch is good.

    1. I like Copper Kettle across from Lipscomb. I've never been a big fan of breakfast buffets (aka- rubbery powdered eggs and hard biscuits) but Copper Kettle has a nice selection and a good mom and pop feel. I've not been impressed with Noshville on any of my visits. If a place is going to market itself as a Jewish Deli, why do serve pork? I LOVE the pig, but it just feels out of place at a "Jewish Deli". Provence has great pastries...

      1. In this vein, I'm staying at Vanderbilt University starting on Friday, and I'm wondering what good places (especially for breakfast) would be near where I'm staying. Thanks!

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          Try Star Bagel on Murphy Rd, near Vandy. Pancake Pantry on 21st is our famous breakfast spot in Nashville. Jackson's on 21st is a good place for a Bloody Mary for Sunday Brunch.

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            Fido, Provence, Bread and Company, Noshville, Pancake Pantry.

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              Count me in for Fido and Pancake Pantry. I love both places whenever I'm in Nashvegas.

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                Well, we've tried some places now.

                Thumbs way, way, way, way, *WAY* stinking up for Pancake Pantry. It was solid "A" territory, and this is coming from someone who, if you told them that they'd be paying $22 for my breakfast (out the door with tax and tip, and that's *just for me*), they'd have said you were either crazy, or he'd been completely ripped off. No, that is solidly *not true*. It was a-freaking-mazing. I had the Cook's Medley (basically a deconstructed western omelette), with a side of two sweet potato pancakes and a large glass of OJ. This is coming straight from a man who almost categorically doesn't like pancakes: I stinking *loved* them. They weren't just good...they were positively inspired. The cinnamon cream syrup that came with them was out-and-out fantastic. We all agree: the family who runs this joint deserves EVERY STINKING PENNY THEY MAKE. Money absolutely well-spent.

                Far less inspiring was Jack's BBQ across from Sommet Center. We had heard raves about their ribs, and even though we were smarting from the horrible Red Wings performance, there just wasn't anything to the ribs that we had there. Unsatisfying. Sure, everything was edible, and we didn't leave ticked off or anything, but for a city known for its 'cue, "underwhelmed" would be pretty kind. We have better barbecue available to us in the Detroit area than this. Much better.

                And finally, after the drubbing that the Preds put on us, the local Wendy's wouldn't honor the free Frosty promotion! Do *not* spend your money on the West End Ave. Wendy's downtown! It sucks *big time* for this reason! They were *totally* full of crap, and they are going to hear about it from us in *every* conceivable way. Southern hospitality, my backside! It's a $1.19 item, and it's *your freaking promotion*!!!!! You, my idiot friends, are going to wish you'd just ponied up and given us the Frosties. The headache you get as a result will *not* be kind, believe you me. I am categorically unkind when treated badly, and I don't stand for BS of any sort. Die in a fire, West End Ave. Wendy's. Oh, don't worry...I'll help. ;)

                Anyway, to those who recommended Pancake Pantry, thanks so much! We also tried Sam's across the street the night before, which was just okay. Nothing bad, nothing great...typical sports bar fare, but certainly a friendly crowd.

                Thanks again!

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                  Flames aside (both real and BB), thanks for posting a trip report! I've been curious as how any BBQ joint worth its salt has to advertise at the airport, on the sides of busses, at tourist attractions, etc. My uninformed opinion was that Jack's didn't make the cut. Nashville isn't really a great BBQ town. We've got some super places, but the competency level here sure isn't Memphis where quality 'Que is at every turn.

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                    Not at all...I consider it necessary on the part of a requester to report back on how things are, good or bad. My primary hangout on Chowhound is on the Midwest board, as I'm a Michigan boy, so when people ask for recs, and then don't say a darned thing as to whether they liked them or not, it's a minor annoyance.

                    I didn't at all realize that Memphis was far more BBQ-oriented in nature. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. I was honestly surprised at Jack' was actually the locals at the Wings/Predators game that were giving the thumbs-up to it, and I suppose that it artificially inflated my expectations a bit. Still, it's darned true: I could do better at more than a couple places around here.

                    But Pancake Pantry was a-stinking-mazing. And yes, I put "stinking" in there just for fun. ;) You'd think that we'd know a thing or two about quality breakfasts around here, and while there are a couple of places that share such rarified air around the Detroit area, none of them are so well-known and attended as Pancake Pantry is. I couldn't have been more impressed with the place, and I'm not the biggest breakfast guy in the world.

                    Thanks again for the ideas.

              2. Marche in East Nash is very very pleasant. Noshville has corned beef hash that does credit to it's deli roots.

                1. Monell's has a Sunday brunch (without cocktails, of course) of considerable size and breadth of options. My favorite breakfast place used to be the Alley Kat, but they recently closed.