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Feb 25, 2009 08:10 AM

Good deli near W Village

Oh dear! Second Avenue deli has closed. Where can we get good noshes when we come to visit to take back to our "apartment"?

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  1. Obviously haven't heard that the 2nd Avenue Deli (which, btw, was in the East not the West Village) reopened some time ago (I think Dec. '07) on 33rd St., b/t Lex & 3rd. Frankly, I think their mediocre pastrami is no match for either Katz's or even Sarge's, on 3rd., b/t 36th & 37th Sts. My advice is to order from Sarge's, which is open 24/7 and delivers all over Manhattan.

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      Katz's has the best cornbeef and pastrami without a doubt. Second Ave deli used to be great, then went downhill when the owner was killed. but now the quality is good. I find it much better than Sarge's. 2nd ave deli also has more of the side dishes than katz's,, 2nd ave has egg barley that is delicious, gefilte fish, good matzoh balls, good kasha varnishkas, and good kishka. I dont like sarge's kishka that is so thick and has gravy all over it.

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        I've never been to Sarge's but also disagree with your opinion of their pastrami, RGR. Way inferior to Katz's, but tasty, and I like the other sandwiches I've had there (corned beef, tongue, roast beef), as well as the kasha varnishkes and the freebie sides of cole slaw, pickles, and gribenes. My problem with them is their prices can be shockingly high, but they've got the old-time Jewish deli atmosphere down and provide a quality product.

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          I'm confused. You say you've never been to Sarges but still you "also disagree with [my] opinion of their pastrami"? That doesn't make any sense. I'm guessing you were referring to my view of Second Ave. Deli's pastrami. We tried it once at the current location. Despite our specific request for "very fatty," what we got had barely any fat, so the meat was way too dry and definitely *not* tasty. Feh! The round potato knish, however, was excellent.

          The stye of pastrami at Sarge's is different from Katz's but just as delicious. Whether eating at the restaurant or ordering delivery, our request for fatty has always been met. If you want to try Sarge's but don't feel like shlepping there, they deliver all over Manhattan 24/7. (Note: I don't order sandwiches for delivery because I like to control the amount of meat. instead, I order the pastrami by the pound and X slices of rye bread, depending on how many sandwiches I plan on making. It actually ends up being cheaper.)

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            Sorry, yeah, I meant I disagree with your take on 2nd Av. Deli's pastrami. I can't disagree with your experience, of course, now that you've recounted it. All I can say is that it's different from mine.

        2. re: foodwhisperer

          Katz's pastrami is as good as it gets. I'm not a fan of their corned beef at all though. But maybe it's because I grew up in Detroit. The corned beef of my youth is more akin to Carnegie Deli's or Juniors'.

      2. katz's isnt in the W village ...... so i dont know if that helps the OP

        out of the kitchen is supposed to be good

        i know i sound like a broken record - but these types of searches (as i just posted minutes ago on the MSG thread) are what yelp is good for..

        here is the link for w. village delis: