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Feb 25, 2009 08:02 AM

Is Restaurant Week really a good deal?

Looking at several restaurants in the J section of the list (Jeffrey's, Judge's Hill, Jasper's) but not sure if it really different from other nights. I mean- $35/2 plus beverages is going to be over $100.

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  1. But keep in mind you're getting 3 courses instead of just an entree. I haven't ever been during restaurant week, but will be trying several places this time so I can get a better feel for the value.

    1. The Driskill appears to offer the best value with 4 courses for $35 including dry aged beef and 3 fish entrees.
      I'm taking my wife on March 3.

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      1. re: Paul Silver

        Paul, I'll be there too at 5:30 for an early dinner. Maybe we'll cross paths!

        1. re: Paul Silver

          The Driskill will likely be my choice, as well. Not only is it a good value, but the menu is very interesting and I think my husband will like it as well.

          Thanks for directing me there, Paul. For some reason, I skipped looking at the Driskill.

        2. Seemed to me that the deal at Manuels was way overpriced and Perry's Steakhouse didn't even have a steak as a menu option. (WTH!) I agree that Driskill looked like a deal and so did Aquarelle but what's with Flemings offering milk and cookies for dessert.

          1. i thought Green Pastures seemed like a good deal. Theirs is in the $25 bracket, and could include a lobster app as well as a fish or steak entree. i'm so bummed tho, i decided to give up sweets for lent. the only option w/o a dessert is 34th street cafe. i'll prob just wait til next time around. =(

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              Ok, good points all. Now I'm thinking Judge's Hill or Green Pastures. Maybe Jeffrey's too?