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Feb 25, 2009 07:56 AM

mmm pistachio paste

I bought an entire can of pistchio paste to make French macarons this past weekend (delicious!). But I used two tablespoons of the pistachio paste and I've no idea what to do with the rest!

Does anyone have any recipe ideas? And in terms of storage, I put the paste in a ziplock in the fridge -- does anyone know if that's the best idea and / or how long the stuff will keep?


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  1. Try stuffing a pork loin with it:
    I use Pistachios, in rather large amounts, as an ingredient in preparing a stuffing for pork loin. It's pretty popular around here.
    I didn't know if you had experience preparing a pork loin for stuffing so I included the video links. If you already understand how to do it, just skip that part. Someone else who tunes in here might get some useful information from them though, and that's the best part of coming together in this forum.

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      It is fabulous in pistachio ice cream. I used about about 3 tablespoons in maybe 3 cups of ice cream base (cream, milk, sugar, eggs) and added about 1/2 cup of chopped roasted Sicilian pistachios and about 1/4 tsp of almond flavour. It was a big hit.

      1. I would use them as filling for croissants, sort of a different take of the almond filling. Where did you get your pistachio paste btw?

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          A few places:

          1) In the past I have seen it (refrigerated) at Kalustyans in NY--it does NOT appear on their web site though.

          2) I got mine most recently at Goumanyat (3, rue Dupuis, Paris, 3e) [Incidentally, the store should be on anyone's foodie pilgrimage Paris. The very nice guy who was staffing the place knew the back story on each and every product and was eager to share them...] They market theirs as "pistachio cream"--it is perfectly smooth and very liquid--thinner than, say, honey. Price was bizarre: I think I paid 15 Euros for a wee jar. It would not surprise me if Maison Izrael at 30, rue Francois Miron, Paris, 4e [another stop on your pilgrimage] also has it.

          3) Just recently I saw "sprouted pistachio butter" [] at the natural food store near my home (The Wheat Berry in Ottawa, ON) --I have not tried it yet, but I am guessing it would be good. It looks a little coarse--sort of like chunky peanut butter. Has anyone tried this?

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              I bought the pistachio paste at Sahadi's in Brooklyn, but like Kalustyans, it isn't on their website. My guess would be that you could find it at Middle Eastern groceries or specialty food stores...?

            2. Re: storing, I would probably add a second layer of protection to make sure it doesn't dry out, i.e. foil, and then maybe even put it into a closely-fitting jar. Or just decant it into a jar that it nearly fills. I had an inadequately-protected opened tube of almond paste that turned into a rock recently, but had an opened kilo of paste years ago that lasted a really long time because I had taken pains to be sure it didn't dry out.

              1. is the paste sweetened? if not, i just made this broccoli rabe and pistachio pesto this week, and it was delicious!

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                  no, it isn't sweetend so i'll have to try all of these phenomenal ideas -- thanks to everyone for the suggestions!