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Feb 25, 2009 07:56 AM

Mon Ami Roger in Lexington Market

Even though it looks out of place, I'm glad to see a French bakery in the market. The owner told me his goods come from DC. I'm not sure if that means he makes everything himself in DC or purchases from somone in DC. It was closing when I stopped by, so I didn't prod further. The baguette (only $2!) was surprisingly decent. It wasn't Bonaparte, but still a nice crisp crust with soft interior. Has anyone tried anything else from this stand?

The only other real information I could find on this place was this:

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  1. This sounds great. Maybe Lexington will become "in" again with the current economy.

      1. re: tartuffe

        East, sort of between Faidley's and the Berger's stand. Haven't been to the West market in years. Anything new worth visiting there?

        1. re: bmorecupcake

          No, the West Market remains a wasteland. There is a nice Central Am place, a kind of taqueria, in th East Market. Dec ent food--and they have great horchata and tamarindo.

      2. Calling this place a "french bakery" is quite a stretch. Its a deli counter. That also serves muffins. I've eaten there at lunch. First, they will definitely need to speed up the process if they have a hope of getting any lunch business in the market. It just takes too long. And not in a "good food takes time to prepare" type of way. In the, "let me make individual tomato slices with a plastic knife at the time of order" kind of way. Second, it seems to be a great example of two guys who really want to make it work but simply don't have the culinary chops. My sandwich tasted exactly as you would expect from any other sysco inspired lunch counter in the city.

        Its unfortunate, because the guys seem nice, but as it currently stands, its not chow-worthy.

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          ...and done. I went to the market today for lunch, and the Mon Ami stall is empty. Can't say I'm too surprised or disappointed.