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Need churros "to go"... street style maybe?

I searched the Board before posting this, and only came up with places that serve churros as part of a sit-down thing...

I need to buy some to serve and will go anywhere! (I am in Morningside Heights, so E. 116th Street would be a breeze...)

Anyone know a street vendor? Shop? Bakery? Anything?

Much appreciated!

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    1. If you are willing to go to the outer boroughs, Costo in Queens sells them at their take-out food section which is separate from the store.

      1. There are churros vendors at the Canal Street J/M/Z station and the 53rd St E/V, but there are also Mexican bakeries in Hell's Kitchen who should be able to help you.

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          I bought some good ones recently on the platform at grand central on the 4, 5, 6 line. it was in the morning so still fresh.

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            I have never seen churro vendors in Chinatown, in what corner do they stand?

            When you say 53rd St E/V, do you mean inside the subway station? I have seen some churros sellers (although not for a while) in some subway platforms but the churros are usually dry, cold and "oldish." Even if you take them home and heat they will just become a greasy mess (I know because I have tried it.) It's best to find a vendor who has freshy fried ones.

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              The vendors are inside the Canal St. train station on the J/M/Z platform. I haven't purchased the churros, only seen them.

          2. There's usually someone selling them on the L train subway platform at 14th st and 6th avenue in the late afternoon, especially on weekends.

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              Second Racer X. Older lady out of a grocery basket. I even catch her topside around Union Square sometimes. three for a dollar I think...

              1. There is a vendor on the east side of Broadway near 103rd or 104th St. but he is not there every day.

                1. Doughnut Plant on the LES has churros.

                  Doughnut Plant
                  379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002

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                    ...and the plain ones are terrible because they sit around all day long because everybody is buying donuts. My friend loves the cajeta ones, though.