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Feb 25, 2009 07:26 AM

Philly-area waterfront restaurants

I would like to host an afternoon (business) cocktail party in June for around 20 people. I think it would be great if I could find a place that overlooks some "water" (river, pond, canal, etc.), however, every place that I see in Philadelphia City charges a steep parking fee which I do not want guests to have to pay (I cannot do it for them). I am willing to go anywhere in Metro-Philly (within a half hour), but being new to the area, do not know which towns have waterfront establishments. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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  1. Try the manayunk brew pub - nice deck area on the schuykill. You would have to call to ask about parking but I think there is more in that area than in center city.

    1. What about the Waterworks on the Schuykill? I believe that would be a lovely setting. They have both valet and self parking. I don't believe it would be a hefty parking charge, but you can call them to find out.

      1. What about the Waterworks?

        I haven't been there in quite a while, so I can't vouch for the food, but the view is great, especially in the summer when you will be able to sit on the patio. There are quite a few areas of the restaurant that have no view of the water though, so be sure to specify that you must have a water view if you call them. I have no idea if they'll be willing to guarantee that.

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          We ate at Waterworks last night and had a table with a great view of the river. BUT the valet parking is $10. You can park for free in the Azalea Garden -- but it's more than a block from the restaurant.

          We also thought the wait was too long for the first course (soup and salad) and for the dessert. Onion soup was great and the desserts were good but not exceptional, but the salmon main course was overcooked for our taste -- we asked for medium rare and were told the chef would cook them medium.

        2. i always wonder why the places right on the delaware are never discussed here. i've never been. are they all crap? fratty budweiser bars? i just don't know. i should really explore this one day. i think there's an italian place in there somewhere, and a seafood thing, and then that big ship. then north closer to spring garden there are some places where i've seen lobster advertised in the summer. i always figured there was a reason they were never mentioned here, but if anyone can confirm that would be great! :) otherwise i MIGHT be in for a series of food mistakes come springtime!

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            La veranda - up around market street and the river is where one of our local pols - Fumo? - spent $70,000 in one year on meals! Must be good but I've never been. The boat, the mosulu (sp?) has OK food and a great view from the deck. But for the OP, the parking would be a bear.

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              La Veranda has very good food and I think that the valet parking is free. Im not sure if they are opened for lunch, Iv only had dinner there. Ask for a view location,its a pretty spot.

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                La Veranda has excellent food. They are opened for lunch. Not sure if the valet is free. I'm sure it is for lunch at least.

                I've heard the Moshulu is lovely, but everyone I know who went there said the service was really bad. Slow, confused, mismatched orders, etc.

          2. Moshulu would be perfect, although I know there would be a parking fee. Keatings at the Hyatt is also nice- if they would rent out bar area.

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              We've been to Mosholu, though not for a couple of years, and never found parking to be a problem. Keatings would be great but the food is AWFUL!