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Feb 25, 2009 07:24 AM

Has anyone been to Matsugen recently?

How was your dining experience? Was the soba good if you had some? Anyone try the Soba with Duck and Scallions? Thanks.

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  1. I was there last week and had the restaurant week menu (which is permanent now). The food, esp the soba with the duck and scallions was excellent. I would recommend a visit.

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      the soba uni was good. but way way way overpriced. the place is noisy, the fish is fair. I went once and once was enough. Better soba with uni at 15 east. as far as the duck , id rather have the duck at soba koh

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        I too had the 'restaurant week' menu last week. $35 for 6 or 7 courses (can't remember exactly) is a great deal for food of this quality. The soba with duck and scallions was spot on and we had good service. Would recommend at this price point.

      2. I live around the corner so have been there a few times. Usually the duck and scallions soba is my go-to, but last week I had the lunch special with the mushroom soba. I prefer the duck and scallions soba.

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          Matsugen –

          So this review won’t answer your questions about the duck soba with scallions. I don’t eat meat so take it for what you may (but this is not an insane vegan review).

          We went there after work and walked in on a week night at around 6pm (the place was empty which was kind of sad) but it did fill up by 8pm when we were going. I liked 66 which was the old restaurant in the space which was like SHANG but attempted to be more traditional in its prep of Chinese dishes. I thought our dinner at the bar/lounge was excellent.

          What We Ordered:

          Uni with Yuzu Jelly – Usually this is nasty – I don’t like Uni. I don’t like it fresh I don’t like it on a sandwich. I don’t like it with green eggs and ham (or for that matter at Soto – where it was encased in mochi and topped with Nori shavings) but I loved it at matsugen. The dish was awesome and very very good. The serving of Uni was also generous. This was enough to come back for.

          Ebi Tempura Giant Prawn Soba – Very good. I found the price of 26$ a little high but thought that the soba was very very good and the shrimp/prawn/mini lobster was very good an huge. I was a fan.


          I had a very nice meal at Matsugen and think that folks would enjoy it I also found the mixed drinks to be excellent. They place large ice cubes in each drink which means the drink stays cold with less melting action. The same is done JG which has the same ownership.


          Excellent. I would recommend this place. The soba is good and if one stays far away from the sushi and entrees the deal is very reasonable.