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Feb 25, 2009 07:11 AM

Tuna salad afficionado

I am always looking for the best tuna salad sandwich, but there are some parameters:
Just tuna and dressing, nothing crunchy or added.
The sandwich is to be on white toast with nothing else on it.
I suppose it reminds me of my childhood.
I am always trying tuna in places and am invariably disappointed.

Any suggestions?
Remember: plain & creamy!

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  1. Ah, the grey line special made famous by school lunch ladies with muffin tops on their shoes.

    Could not even guess where (or really why) you would pay for that. I think you need to go to Jewel, buy chunk tuna, hellman's mayo, and wonder bread, then mash the heck out of it.

    1. Nothing like tuna salad, I love em all!
      I make a Spanish-Italian-ish tuna Bruscetta/Bocadillo. Mine emphasizes the flavor of the tuna in olive oil rather than the typical deli tuna salad variety that tastes like cheap mayo.

      Here you go;
      1-2 two slices of your favorite toasted bread
      1 six ounce can of Genova tuna in olive oil (only drain maybe a 3rd of the olive oil as it has so much great flavor).
      1 tablespoon of mini capers rinsed
      1 teaspoon fine chopped parsley
      1 large shallot chopped fine
      1 fine diced roma tomato, washed and drained
      1 teaspoon+ of fine dijon mustard
      1 teaspoon+ of Whole Foods or Trader Joe's olive oil based mayo
      1 tablespoon of fresh lemon (optional)
      Add fresh ground pepper to taste
      There's plenty of salt in the tuna, so avoid adding any extra salt.
      Sliced tomato, avocado, and arugula for the topping, NICE!

      Mix the above ingredients in a large bowl.
      Spread some mayo and/or mustard on your bread (optional)
      Pile a generous portion of the tuna mixture on your bread
      Throw some arugula or mixed greens over the tuna mixture and they layer some avocado and tomato as a final topping. ENJOY!!!

      BTW: I occasionally add a half can of small rinsed drained small white beans or a bit of rinsed sweet corn too, really tasty!

      Also, have you tried a traditional Tuna Nicoise Salad (not the Americanized variety made with a tuna steak), it's made with tuna in olive oil, sweet corn, veggies, etc. OMG it's good!

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      1. re: amoncada

        I love your tuna salad recipe. I plan to try it.

        On the other hand, I don't remember traditional Nicoise salad having sweet corn in it, although it would be an interesting variation.

        Traditionally Nicoise salad has little lettice with tuna, tomatoes, raw peppers, anchovies, garlic, and good cured black olives, green beans, boiled new potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, with a nice, fresh vinaigrette.

        Occasionally might find capers, finely chopped shallots or onion, cucumber chunks, artichoke hearts, or broad beans.

        1. re: chicgail

          Let me know how it turns out. I often serve it as the main course, plus a mixed greens salad with a vinaigrette & roasted beets, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes.

          I've had a few variations (depending on what fresh veggies were in season and available at the time) of the Nicoise Salad both in France and Spain, it was in Puerto Banus, Malaga that I had the one with sweet corn...perhaps a bit unconventional, but a tasty addition for sure! I've had the salad with Nicoise Olives (YUM!!), the black variety would be great as well. It comes out great with roasted beets & fingerling potatoes (instead of boiled, just to mix it up every now and then) too!

      2. I think it will be hard to find a tuna salad sandwich in a restaurant without chopped onions and celery in it. However, I know what you're talking about because my kids won't eat tuna salad with "crunchy stuff" in it. You can make a good "crunch-less" tuna salad sandwich by using canned albacore tuna and mayonnaise and seasoning it with a bit of wasabi powder (or some wasabi mayonnaise), onion powder, freshly ground black pepper and perhaps some celery salt.

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        1. re: Scylla

          Celery salt, huh?

          i know there is *something* in the tuna salad I like, and I keep trying, but I can not quite place it.
          very plain, but one main flavor that is present.

          1. re: jilter

            You can also add a few shakes of Old Bay seasoning (predominantly celery salt)