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Feb 25, 2009 07:09 AM

where to buy little rolls?

I'm looking for either mini dinner rolls or little biscuits, with which to make bite-size sandwiches for a party. Any idea where I could buy either?

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  1. I know exactly the kind of rolls you are talking about, because I get them around Christmas/Thanksgiving for family members. We use them whenever we have a gathering to go with a Honeybaked Ham, or a filet roast for small sandwiches. Unfortunately, the bakery is in NJ, so not sure if that will help you. I'd say it's about a 10 minute ride into NJ from the BF bridge. They're really good,soft and the perfect size. McMillans Bakery in Westmont/Haddon Twp makes them and you should order ahead, especially on the weekends. (BTW: this bakery makes excellent donuts and breakfast items, but the cakes are just OK, IMO). Here's their information.

    1. Le Bus challah rolls would be perfect (make sure to request the non-braided kind), we just made ourselves sliders with them recently. You probably need to pre-order a large amount. They have a store at 18th and Walnut. Thank you.

      1. Le Bus in the Reading Terminal sells the small rolls also.

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          I got some from Sarcone's for a party last year and they were great.

        2. Try Carangi's or New York Bakery in S. Philly. I'd call and request them first though, they may not have them all the time.

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            You guys are the best! Thank you so much.

          2. Have you tried a very small restaurant?