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Feb 25, 2009 07:08 AM

Romantic Inn with Great Restaurant - any rec.s?

I want a great place for an overnight with my DH for our anniversary. Can anybody give me a recommendation? I'd like it to be in a rural (or ruralish) area, have a great restaurant and nice rooms for not a stunningly high amount of money (say $400 total). We're up for anywhere in Southern Vermont or Western Massachusettes (also New York and CT but I'll post in the tristate board for those ideas!). Proximity to a natural area where we can hike/walk would be a plus. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. I would highly recommend the Old Tavern at Grafton.

    Great restaurant, great area, very nice accommodations, lots of history. Plus, as an added bonus you are right down the street from the Grafton Cheese Co who make outstanding cheddar!

    1. see my post back on tristate but try Mountain top inn in Chittendon

      1. I can confidently predict you'll have a fabulous time at Weathersfield Inn in southern VT. See my full review
        Rooms are moderately priced ($165/night for a queen w/ fireplace when we were there last month), and food is terrific. They can direct you to a great natural area about 10 minutes away, local Audubon location for snowshoeing or x-c skiing at this time of year.

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          I second this recommendation. My husband and I went for Valentine's Day weekend last year and the food and hospitality was wonderful. They have a fireplace in one of the dining rooms and a cozy tavern area that also serves the full menu.
          The most ringing endorsement in my opinion is that the locals highly recommend Chef Jason as well.
          We spent the days visiting farms to pick up local cheeses, maple syrup and wool (I'm a knitter).

        2. You should try the Inn at the Sawmill Farms in West Dover VT. It fits your descrition to aT

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            Absolutely agree with RichK. Sawmill Farms not only has fantastic food but beautiful grounds with a pond. It's 5 minutes away from the town center which also has lots of small shops to wander around in. The rooms are also very romantic.

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