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Feb 25, 2009 07:06 AM

Romantic Inn with Great Restaurant - any recs.?

I want a great place for an overnight with my DH for our anniversary. Can anybody give me a recommendation? I'd like it to be in a rural (or ruralish) area, have a great restaurant and nice rooms for not a stunningly high amount of money (say $400 total). We're up for anywhere in Upstate New York, Hudson Valley or Western Connecticut (also New England but I'll post there for those ideas!). Proximity to a natural area where we can hike/walk would be a plus. Thanks for any ideas!

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    1. We really like the Friends Lake Inn in Chestertown NY. Their rates are rather high, but include breakfast and dinner, and the food has always been terrific (and the wine list very impressive). Depending on the time of year, you can either hike or snowshoe/cross country ski on premises - in winter you are very close to Gore Mountain for skiing, and in summer the lake is right there. We've always had a great, relaxing time. Wherever you go, have fun!

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        I always forget the Friends Lake Inn, I have never stayed there but Love the food...

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          I'll admit - the food outshines the accommodations in my opinion, but that's not difficult given the caliber of the food! The accommodations are cozy and comfortable, and it's great to be able to enjoy the wine and food and then just wander upstairs - and I love breakfast, so theirs is a highlight for me as well.

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            friends lake inn definitely. was there in january mid week. we were almost the only ones there, meal was great. room was typical inn but very nice and we were in the basic room. the fireplace area and jacuzzi rooms we peeked in were quite romantic though.

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          My wife and I used to do an annual trip to Friend's Lake Inn, but the overall quality seems to have declined over the last few years. The restaurant is still excellent, although our breakfast on our last visit was rather pedestrian. Just not worth the four-hour trip.

        3. Glenora Inn, (part of Glenora Vineyard) near Watkins Glen State Park. Gorgeous lake views, private balcony, fireplace in room, jacuzzi tub for two (you have to go for the best room, but mid-week isn't too pricey) they have snowbound pkgs with dinner included, (maybe breakfast too I can't remember) wine and champagne in room,excellent restaurant. Hiking in Watkins Glen is awesome too.

          1. You must be thinking of the Old Inn on the Green in New Marlboro, MA. Fabulous restaurant.

            1. The Boulders-New Preston, CT
              Mayflower Inn-Washington, CT