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Feb 25, 2009 05:55 AM

I left it out - safe to eat?

I made marmalade (kumquat.) This is a fast-jam recipe that you store in a regular container in the fridge - not canning/preserving where you boil the containers etc. The recipe says to let it cool then transfer to smaller containers, and that it will keep for 2 mos in the fridge or 6 mos in the freezer.

I left it to cool and forget it overnight so it sat out for about 11 hrs. Is it okay now to refrigerate/freeze as normal? Or do I need to toss it?

The only ingredients are kumquats & sugar.


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  1. I'd keep it and enjoy it!

    1. jams and other things with a lot of sugar are pretty tough to spoil. It should be fine.

      1. This will be good until it molds. So long as there's no mold, it's fine.

        1. Ditto the above comments - unless you actually see mold it should be fine.

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