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Feb 25, 2009 05:51 AM

D.A. Barsch German Butcher, Toms River

I am not writing about a restaurant today. There are times when we just want a great piece of steak at home and I just want to share my favorite butcher with you - D.A. Barsch German Butcher Shop on Route 9, Toms River. We used to go to the German Butcher in Forked River to get our steaks and they are wonderful but if you live in a bit further north, you may want to consider this place. I also believe that they are relatives to the one in Forked River. We usually get the New York Strip Steaks and they are really nice, usually we requested to have them cut to 1 inch thick! We only use salt and pepper for seasoning before we put them on our cast iron grill pan for 7 minutes(basically 3.5 minutes on each side), let them sit for 5 minutes…we like it medium rare and the steak have lots of meat favor! Other things we like from the store include the stuffed peppers(with sausages and garlic) and the cranberry walnut bread. Detlev, the owner and his daughter, Morgan are really friendly and nice. If you want to stay home and have a nice steak, here is an option!

D.A. Barsch German Butcher Shop
1548 Lakewood Rd, Toms River, NJ

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  1. You will see there are other fans of this wonderful place. The calves' liverwurst is one of the world's great creations.

    1. Thanks HelenB! I love posts like this because we love to cook and are always looking for the best places to buy our meat, fish and produce. (With young children we don't get to dine out much so we are ALWAYS cooking at home.) I miss the old fashion butcher so this sounds like a nice little drive we can take to get some great cuts of meat. Thanks again!

      1. Thanks for the report Helen. I drive the place all the time and never thought of stopping. I'll make it a point to try it one of these days.

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          I too drive by this shop all the time bgut1and never thought to stop in. There never seems to be any cars in the parking lot, so I thought that the shop wasn't any good. I have bought meat from the Forked River butcher shop and truth be told I never thought that it was so great. We had last St. Pat's Day corned beef from there ( they pickle it themselves) and honestly it had no flavor. The packaged ones have much more flavor.

          Always good to hear good reviews about a new business in the area.

          1. re: Babs16

            Babs16, I never had the corned beef from the Butcher not even the one in Forked River, therefore I cannot really comment on that part. As for the steak in this place, I think they are really good but of course, we are not talking about Kobe steak here! Anyway, give it a try and the little stuffed peppers are really good to go with beer!

          2. re: bgut1

            I usually go there on Saturday and it is quite busy(not as busy as the one in Forked River) but the place is closed on Sunday and Monday...

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              Arutha5, the address is 1548 Lakewood Rd Toms River NJ. You can click on that link(next to the red ballon)on my initial post and you can see it on the google map! Hope that you will be able to find it and enjoy the steaks too!

              1. re: HelenB

                That was my plan for the weekend!!

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                  Do yourself a favor and try some of the sausages they make there. The salami, for example, is a unique treat!

            2. I believe Detlev and Wolfgang are brothers. :)

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              1. re: MartiniQueen

                I believe so too! Anyway, I think that both places provide good meat! By the way, anyone heard/tried the Kobe Beef Store in Eatontown? Any comment?