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Feb 25, 2009 05:41 AM

Raw Bar???

Looking for a good raw bar with a wide selection....

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    1. There are a bunch, depending on price/atmosphere/location. My personal favorite is Aquagrill; I also think that the Grand Central Oyster Bar deserves better than its rep around here.

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        I like Acqua Grill, and grand central oyster bar also has the oyster stew which is great. And its the only oyster bar that i;ve seen that sometimes has Belon oysters. Pearl and Mary;s I find limited in their selection . Balthazar and Pastis are about the same, and Ok. BLT fish seems to have a good selection of raw shellfish.

      2. If what you're looking for is oysters, mostly, second Aquagrill and Grand Central Oyster Bar, and add Tracks in Penn Station - not fancy in the least, but last time I was there they had about 15 oyster varieties to choose from.

        1. Grand Central is quite fun if you sit at the bar. I don't like how they pour out the liquor but the oysters and clams are good and the atmosphere can't be beat.

          We hit Tracks last time we were in NY and loved it. Great selection, prices comparable to Grand Central, with more of an old-fashioned bar atmosphere.