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Feb 25, 2009 05:13 AM

40 minutes drive away from West PHilly?

Forgive me for these dumb challenges. OUr battery is low; dealer recommended we drive for about 40 minutes. Where in Western Suburbs or South Jersey is there a destination restaurant up for our goal?

Any ethnic except Mexican or Indian would be fine. Hubby is not a chowhound, likes lighter fare. OUr goal is the drive more than a fancy lunch, but I'm supposed to come up with a goal.

In 15 minutes yet! Help!!

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  1. i may be too late for your needs, but collingswood would do the trick. the tortilla press is yummy and people like the diner/shake/grilled cheese okace there....

    1. haha, sorry i missed this! my first thought would have been a taste of india's lunch buffet in devon.

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      1. re: rabidog

        they said not indian or mexican ;^)

        1. re: leepinleemur

          d'oh. my reading skills were not so sharp earlier apparently!
          where'd you end up?

      2. Thanks for your suggestions all. We wound up at Fujis in Haddonfield! Hubby knew I loved eating there, and suggested it himself. Because I am going there for an Omikase dinner on Wed. with a friend, I ordered "light", off the regular lunch menu.

        Hubby had chicken cutlet with tasty accomaniments; I had a bento box with a tuna roll, a piece of salmon and another of tuna sushi, a neat bowl of shrimp and veggies tempura, salad--all for $12.50. No special attention for a 'regular' customer--it was a neat lunch, and I enjoyed it a lot. Hubby enjoyed my salad, as it was too much for me to finish.