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Feb 25, 2009 04:49 AM

Finn & Porter, Doubletree Hotel, Detroit

Went to this new steakhouse yesterday for lunch at the request of a friend. A hotel restaurant is rarely my first pick, and I was even more doubtful when she wanted to try the sushi--sushi bars in steakhouses are usually add-ons that are strictly by the numbers. The place is certainly pricey, even if you split dishes (which is what we always do). The Shrimp Firecracker Roll was $14 for six (large) pieces. To my great surprise, however, it was worth it. The thing was gorgeous to look at, with three different colors of roe on top and various other artistic touches, and everything in it was spot-on fresh, extremely satisfying. We also had a Cuban chicken sandwich, which was quite good and a good deal cheaper, and oyster chowder (the one miss for me, with little oyster flavor, although my friend liked it). There's a big circular bar where you could hang out and talk. Anyway, they haven't been publicizing it, but if you're after high-end sushi in downtown Detroit it is now available. I certainly won't be going every day at this price point, but for a date or for drinks and some sushi before a show I think it'd be a great stop. Parking across the street in front of the Channel 4 building was easy, but there is also valet.

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  1. Agree Jim for the most part. Went on a Sunday afternoon few weeks back after Molly's article about them. Loved the Sushi, yes it is pricey. Everything off of the Finn menu was below average; they only serve a bar menu on Sunday as main room is closed. Will go back soon for Sushi only.

    1. Had the sushi at the Round Bar and it was fantastic, didn't think it that pricey. But the drinks seemed way expensive. It is a lovely hotel though. The bar menu looked good, will give it a try soon.