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Feb 24, 2009 10:17 PM

cheapest wine on the upper west side?

looking for a wine shop that has dirt cheap recession wine - no higher than four or five bucks a bottle. yes, i know, trader joe's, but i'm not lugging a case of wine back on the subway that far. anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know about four bucks a bottle (I've never looked for that). But Columbus Wines does discounts on cases (solid or mixed). I think it's 10 or 20 percent off. They are on Columbus Ave between 95th & 96th.

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    1. re: LNG212

      Columbus Wines is great...they have some great values there in the 12/bottle range and the mixed case discount and free delivery... even though i live 25+ blocks south, i still go there to buy my wine...

      for the OP, i haven't seen anything there less than, say, 8/bottle though...though if you got a case, it'd bring the total to under 7/bottle...

    2. Can't you order 2-buck Chuck online? If not, try the corner of 86th and Columbus. My old stand by.

      1. 67 Wines on the corner of 68th and Columbus often has selections in that price range, gives the standard 10% off on a case, and delivers for free. It helps, too, that they are very knowledgeable. Tell them what you want and what you want to spend. Their recommendations are usually spot-on. I know they are not known as a discount liquor store, but I consistently find their prices, both for wine and hard liquor, better than anyone else in the neighborhood (although not as inexpensive as Warehouse or PJ's).

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        1. re: JoanN

          hmm, can you me tell some of your favorites that you've bought at 67?...(in the under 20/bottle range)

          67Wine is the closest geographically to my home so i went a few times when i first moved here...while they had some nice bottles for 25 dollars or so (Morgon, Sancerre, etc), i found the their selections in the 10-20 range extremely fact, i couldn't find much of anything there in that range that i wanted to buy...

          they also told me specifically that they do *not* do case discounts: the guy actually went on and on about it, claiming that their prices are so low that there is no need for them's possible that he meant mixed cases, but he was so adamant and defensive about it, that i assume he meant on all cases...

          1. re: Simon

            I’m not very good at remembering either names or prices, but here are a few wines I recently bought by the case. Keep in mind that I was looking specifically for inexpensive wines for parties, not a bottle or two to savor. I really wouldn't call either the cava or the shiraz blend a favorite; but I would indeed say that of the Naia.

            I was having a big celebratory party and wanted something cheap and festive. They recommended Codorniu Cava Original, which usually sells for about $7 a bottle but was on special for $6. Didn’t get a case discount at the special price.

            Last time I bought a case of the Bodegas Naia Rueda I think I paid about $12/bottle and I did get a 10% case discount. The price has gone up since I last bought it (so many have), but it’s still under $20/bottle. Maybe $16?

            Another party, a case of Lindeman Shiraz/Cabernet blend. Usually about $10/bottle, on sale for about $8.

            They often have specials. But I find you need to be flexible and it helps to ask for their advice. They may have gotten a deal on something and you just can’t count on getting the same low price, or even finding it at all, it you go back six months later. As far as the case discount is concerned, perhaps it is a question of a mixed case or something already on sale. I know I have gotten case discounts from them, but perhaps didn’t pay close enough attention to just when I did and when I didn’t.

            1. re: JoanN

              i went there (67wine) as i was out of wine and didn't have time/energy to go to Columbus Wines for a case...

              tonight i asked two different people there and they told me, as before, that they absolutely do not do case discounts of the saleswomen told me that the owner has a specific hangup about doing case discounts...and then they gave me the same tired excuse: "Our regular prices are the same as other places would be if you got a case discount"...i told her that that's a nice line, but it's totally untrue...she asked for an example and i pointed out the Brusset Cotes du Rhone (a yummy berry-ish plummy wine) that goes for 13.99 at both stores but that w/ mixed case discount at Columbus it'd be under 12...her response was that the owner does so much business w/ ABC and Lincoln Center that it doesn't really matter if individual neighborhood buyers can get a better deal elsewhere...not my kinda store...

              1. re: Simon

                Really sorry to hear that. I've been buying from them for years and have only had good experiences. It's entirely possible that the 10% discount was for special sales since that's most often when I buy by the case.

                1. re: JoanN

                  yeah, it could have been a special sale.

                  i do like their selection of good Beaujolais (esp Morgon) -- i'm drinking some right now. But for the 15% off, i'm going w/ Columbus...cheers...

                  1. re: Simon

                    I was unfamiliar with Columbus Wines. I don't usually get quite that far uptown without a specific mission. But after this "conversation" I did some price comparison shopping on their Web site, and you're absolutely right that for non-sale specials and considering a case discount, their prices are better than 67. Still too far for me to head for a bottle or two, but for ordering a case of what I'm already familiar with? Thanks.

                    To uwsgrazer: You may well be right about the 10-15% off everything, but I don't recall that. I usually take advantage of those "all Italian whites"-type sales that they advertise in the paper, but I'll also get a discounted bottle from one of their front-of-house bins, try it that night, and order a case the next morning if it seems like something I might want to have around. 67 is only a block away from me, so it's just too easy (and too lazy of me) to do my shopping there.

                    1. re: JoanN

                      Hi Joan...i'm happy that you checked out the Columbus Wines website...if you find yourself up that way, i think you'd like the store...the owner Murray and one of the other staff there (a tall redhead woman whose name i'm blanking on) both give great recommendations and are very friendly...

                      it's a little far for me to get to also, so i sometimes add it to my walking itinerary when i'm doing a long route around Central Park...or, since i have a few favorite bottles there, i'll call them up and order a mixed case with, say, 3 bottles each of 3 of my standbys and then i ask them to round out the case by surprising me w/ 3 bottles of their choice, within a 12-20 per bottle price range...

                      but i did love the bottle of Pierre Chermette 2007 Beaujolais that i got from 67 Wine last was 17 bucks, i think, and very delicious...

                  2. re: JoanN

                    I've been buying from 67 wines for years, too, and am generally pleased. They used to have periodic sales of 10-15% (or thereabouts) off all wines but I haven't seen that for a few years. Now the sales typically involve x% of all Italian whites or maybe only certain wines listed in an ad. Just wondering whether others have noticed this too, or if maybe I've overlooked some storewide sales.

            2. re: JoanN

              I normally go to Beacon if I need a bottle in a hurry but always feel like I am paying at least a few dollars more than I would had I planned ahead and gone to Warehouse, especially for bourbon or standard vodka. But 67 is a not too far walk in the other direction. Would you say their prices are lower than Beacon (for liquor)?

              1. re: JungMann

                67 is definitely less expensive for liquor (at least, the brands I buy and know the prices of) than Beacon. And on the rare occasion I've comparison-shopped for wine, bubbly for New Year's for instance, 67 has been a bit less expensive for that as well.

                I once overheard a salesman talking to a buyer in the store. He told her they had a huge order (don't recall the product) for an event at Lincoln Center and that if 67 agreed to buy a similar quantity, he could offer them a similar discount. I get the impression that this is not uncommon at 67 and that these deals are definitely passed along to the customer.

              2. re: JoanN

                joanN is right. there are a number of very inexpensive wines sold in bins on the ground floor -- lots of budget standards like the less expensive wines under the Lindemans and Pennfolds labels, as well as Big House, Yellowtail and the like. some of the folks who work there really are knowledgeable. (I tend not to buy anything that may have been stored there for more than a little while, since storage conditions in the store are far too warm in the summer.)

              3. I haven't checked out the prices in a while, but I used to do much better on the specials at Acker and Merrill on 72nd Street than at Beacon. I've never gotten over the sauvigon blanc that I loved and was 6.99 there until The Times gave it a best value and the next week it was 8.99. I don't find them the place to go for inexpensive wines anymore.

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                1. re: Stuffed Monkey

                  Acker Merrill is wonderful for mid-range wines, but the tiny store (and attention spent on tracking down really high quality, hard to find vintages) doesn't really support the really crazy cheap wine purveying that more warehousey stores do. I think the least expensive wine I've seen there was around $8.

                2. We go to the wine store on the east side of Broadway near 88th St. where they sell this Balkan wine for under $8. There is also Best Cellars on Broadway near 81st St. where almost every wine is under $15.