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Feb 24, 2009 09:50 PM

Viking Microwave Hood (over range)

Am now thinking about buying a 30 inch Viking range for my new kitchen and need a microwave too. Since space is tight, I'm seriously consider the microwave hood option--does anyone have this set up and how do they like it? Does the micro-hood provide sufficient ventiliation for the range?

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  1. I have a Panasonic OTR unit and it works just fine, but we have it externally vented, Of course, if you are prone to blackening redfish expect some smoke.

    1. No.Not if you intend to do any serious cooking, That stove produces so much BTU's that most, if not all professional installers will refuse to put that stove in unless it is vented outside and has enough air flow.
      I had to install 14 inch ducting before the dealer would install and warranty my Viking.

      1. If you want to buy a high end range, do yourself a favor, dont buy a viking.

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          why don't you like viking? what do you recommend?

          1. re: julesthegolfer

            That topic has been beaten to death, please see: chowhound .com/topics/489878#.
            But I have to agree with baldwinwood, If I was forced to replace my 36 inch Viking,and believe me that would take some doing, I would get a Wolf, Five Star, or if it was legal in my township a Garland, The newer Vikings just have too many bells and whistles that break down.