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Feb 24, 2009 09:40 PM


I've been spending time in this area and need some new places for a delicious lunch. Casual dress is a requirement but interested in ALL types of chow, especially healthy and scrumptious sandwiches along the lines of Mendocino Farms in downtown L.A.

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    1. Hollingshead Deli right across the street in the corner behind Duke's Burgers. Excellent sandwiches, & wonderful beer selection.

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        grubber, I really enjoy Hollingshead, but to honor sel's request for "healthy" I'd have to grade their sandwiches as decent, middle-amerika/mainstream 'boarshead'(what they actually use I think) meats generic. Fresh and tasty, decent choice of breads, but very mid-western (I lived there nine years). It's pretty much an all-cold menu, if that makes a difference. Nice people own and run it, know their beers and carry some that are not easily found in o.c.

      2. How near is near for you? If you're willing to go for a quick hop, try Zov's Bistro and the Crab Cooker... both in the same shopping center.

        Healthy and scrumptious sandwiches? Why does the phrase... "five dolla' footlongs" keep playing in my mind. kidding.

        1. Hollingshead has the kind of sandwiches your Wisconsin mom packed for lunch, but good beer. There's the Chili Pepper -- decent Mexican seafood. Arriba Baja Grill has good fish tacos (not as good as El Taco Nazo or TBE, so don't expect it). Good burgers at Original Mike's on Main/1st in Santa Ana. Juan Pollo is just around on Bristol/Memory. Mother's Market has a good hippy-dippy counter. Kaffa! Coffee has OK sandwiches, and you're not too far from the Orange Circle, with Frog's Breath, Gabbi's, Citrus City Grill, Felix, and Watson's Drugstore (mmmm patty melt). Also, Bangkok Taste is just two minutes away right off the next exit on the Santa Ana side (Grand, not Glassell).

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Chili Peppers is good but is pretty watered down to me.

            Although I do occasionally fiend for some watered down Mexican food sometimes.

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              the filling station is not half bad either. and i've grown to really enjoy the weird as all hell coleslaw at Hollingshead's as well as their Midwestern, dainty, for lack of a better word tea sandwiches. truly an oddity in the sandwiches department, but I really quite like em. my pocket book does not though, for some reason, it all feels to overpriced for suburban orange.


            2. Loved the "Nothing"? response.

              But seriously Hollingshead's Deli on Main in Orange, over 350 bottles beers, a close to a dozen on tap to go with the best Midwestern by way of Green Bay, Wis, sandwiches you have ever had. These are petite style sandwiches, though still very good not cheap either.

              Went recently and had a couple beers (each was 6-7 bucks) as well as a couple pickled eggs (1.5 per) and a two sandwiches, a double turkey as well as piping hot, delicious Vienna beef pastrami (not at all lean) and it was about 35 bucks.

              and i was still hungry after all that. so in retrospect, it is a swell place, but be prepared to be and be prepared to pay through the nose.