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Feb 24, 2009 08:08 PM

Taqueria Coatzingo

Stopped by tonight and was disappointed to find it closed (for renovations?) Anyone know when it's going to open?

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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about the one on Roosevelt/76th. Glad to know they're doing some interior work there. I think they need it. Hopefully they'll fix up the bathrooms a bit. You could have gone to their other location on 82nd St. Or try one of the many places around there for tacos and such. Hope you found something else to eat around there.

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    1. re: E Eto

      I didn't know there was another location; thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with JH so nearby Tacolandia had to suffice. Any other recs for exceptional cemitas?

      1. re: E Eto

        I just noticed yesterday afternoon the Grand Opening of a Mexican Restaurant called Cocina Mexicana on Roosevelt between 78 & 79 St. Imagine opening so close to Taqueria Coatzingo.

      2. Don't they also own the Bakery two door up from the restaurant? If so, stop by and inquire and let us know.

        1. I've been out of town for awhile and stopped by today to get my taco fix and they are closed! so bummed... does anyone know if they are totally gone or if they moved somewhere else?

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          1. re: annamatic

            i heard they are just renoating,

            the one on 82nd has been open all along

            1. re: chefjellynow

              the sounds of renovation were definitely in the air yesterday behind the grate. in the meantime, the cart that recently relocated from up roosevelt to in front of fiesta mexicana is serving up some pretty tasty tortas.....

              1. re: david sprague

                Thanks for the Coatzingo update. And yeah, the cart you're talking about is called El Pasito, and they are my favorite cart within footsteps of Roosevelt station.

                1. re: E Eto

                  thanks, eric

                  i'm still bemoaning the loss -- second time in a year -- of the tacos huejotzingo cart, which operated beside the sabor mexicano cart. the woman there made the most delicious tamales (sometimes oaxacan as well) and great huitlacoche quesadillas. anyone have an idea if they relocated? they disappeared for a couple of months aroud the holidays, so i am hopeful.

          2. Yay, Taqueria Coatzingo is back in action! With a fresh paint job and new signboard inside! Whew!