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Cote St-Luc BBQ

With Au Coq and Swiss Chalet, Cote St-Luc BBQ is the kid of rotisserie chicken that I like. I never liked St-Hubert, I find their chicken without flavor. Off course I'm not comparing any to the portuguese charcoal chicken. That<s my favorite. Also I must say I don't like COCORICO rotisserire chicken, also without flavor unless you spray it with the hot sauce (piri piri).

Is ther any Cote St-Luc still open other than the one on Cote St-Luc road?
Hope they will survive I think there's only 2 left. Sad :-(

Swiss Chalet vanished from the province of Quebec and Au Coq is more in the north and east end of montreal. I need something in the Dorval area.

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  1. There's a Cote-St-Luc BBQ on Cote-de-Liesse - think that would be the closest one to Dorval:

    6971, Côte de liesse

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      Last time I drove to the Airport(Jan 09) I could have sworn that CSL BBQ was closed and Semi Trailers were using the large parking lot in the back for parking.

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        Ah - didn't know; of course the Web site wouldn't tell you something that useful. ;-) Guess the OP could give them a call to find out for sure.

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          My office is very close to the CSL BBQ in Cote de Liesse. I was in the ofice all day, and went online and ordered my chicken.

          It arrived 20 minutes later...VERY good, though not as good as Chalet BBQ of course. I finish eating, and put the garbage back inti the paper delivery bag and happen to glance at my bill...it says Good Luck BBQ on it. ??? Address in Dorval. ???

          Recheck the website, says CSL. Compare phone numbers, the same. I figured that the websire was hacked and nobody noticed!

          Long stort short, the owners of the CDL location moved and did not keep the CSL BBQ name, though they are oblogated to keeep the website running until later this year.

          The most important thing is that the chicken is real BBQ, and was pretty darn good.

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            ahh, so that's why they wouldn't deliver to me in St. Laurent a few months ago, when they had previously. how sneaky. the food at the CDL location was always good.

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              I tried the Good Luck BBQ place yesterday.

              As I was going in I was wondering if I should wish myself Good Luck or will they wish me Good Luck as they serve my plate? Somebody need to tell them about their wonderful marketing scheme for a name like that. Maybe because of all the 7 in the old CSL tel number.

              It was pretty the same taste as Côte St-Luc BBQ and I enjoyed my meal. So when in the Dorval airport area, I know where to go now.

              As mentioned before, the taste of CSL, Good-Luc and Chalet Swiss is in the same range for me. The charcoal tatse. In my opinion Chalet BBQ doesn't not taste the same at all. I would say it's more in the range of Rotisserie Au COQ. Many use the word BBQ but it's not BBQ it's more Rotisserie.

              Portuguese chicken is more like real BBQ or GRILLING

              Here's alink to the word BBQ from wikipedia

              here the address of GOOD LUCK
              (514) 636-0300 or the old Cote St-Luc number (514) 737-7772
              Address : 1771 av Cardinal
              Dorval, QC , H9P1Y5

              ohh yeah, I think this place is the first chicken boutique restaurant !
              On their wall they have some interesting egyptian art for sale. If you're into mummies and pyramid decoration, this is the place. Don't know the price, didn't ask.

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                can't say I'm surprised- the old CSL on CDL had belly dancing on certain nights! :-)

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                  We live in Dorval, and eat at the Good Luck B.B.Q. often. It's much better now, than when it was the Tri-Star Restaurant.

                  I want to recommend the specialty, the BBQ chicken platters. The club sandwiches are also great.

                  They recently changed their vegetarian pizza (if not the latest menu) to our great delight. It's comparable to established neighbourhood Velos Pizzeria Brochetterie (which has also been rated highly); but Good Luck's pizza is much more neat to eat. It even pleased my "picky-vore" companion.

                  We will be eating there as often as they will serve us. Spread the word.

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              Went buy CdL location and they are definitely closed.Big for sale sign up now.

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                Been closed since at least first or second week of November, actually. I was out there for work and noticed it looked quiet, and the lot being used to park semis as already noted.

          2. There's a location on Sources in the WI.

            4360 Boul Des Sources, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H8Y3B7, CA

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              Do these secondary CSL BBQ locations have a charcoal rottiserie unit, like the original CSL BBQ location still has?

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                I don't know, I've never been.

            2. Chalet BBq on Sherbrooke is a must for that kind of chicken. CSL on cote st luc road is awful.

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                why is CSL awful? Can you ellaborate?

                My latest experience was not the greatest but they managed to accomodate me with apologies. I received my chicken leg and it was dry. Like it has been cooked to much and sat for a while. Told the waitress and she got me another peace that was really good and juicy.

                There's a new Portuguese chicken place on Mont-Royal avenue near Lanaudiere street I think. Anyone tried it?

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                  You know, you should substantiate your claims. It's easy to come on the board and say this is great and that is awful. But most people want to know why it's great or awful. What's awful to you might be delicious to me.

                  Maybe it's nostalagia or maybe not, but I love the soggyish fries, that are a little bit sweet, and they sauce and the stupid hamburger buns. Now, by far is that not my french fry ideal, but nothing beats CSL BBQ fries with gravy, chicken breast, cole slaw and bun when you're in the mood - and all in one bite that is.

                2. maison, very true...in house eating, the chicken usually has no taste: no seasoning and very bland and too soft to sometmes even have a chew at. The sauce looks like it came out of a Costco can sized for restaurants. To order in which is often for us and chicken, it took many times of receiving chickens that looked three days old and tasted like they were three days old ie very dry, for us to finally decide no more garbage food.

                  1. Chalet Bar b q never disappoints..in house chicken is deliciously "rotissed" and is just soft enough to still have to chew. In house ie delivery has never disappointed us in quality it is always up to its restaurant's par. CSL on the other hand as stated but I will re-iterate, saves its leftover chickens for delivery, i think at least that is what they usually taste like.

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                    1. re: blondee_47

                      I hate to burst your bubble, but their business is very brisk and I doubt that there is any "leftover" chicken.

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                        I enjoy both places. I have never seen any leftover chicken at Cote St Luc.

                      2. Mmm I would chose Chalet BBQ any day over CSL BBQ .. I think Chalet has the best BBQ chicken in Montreal. Laurier BBQ used to be my #1 but in the last few years I haven't been going. I find Laurier to be good but way over priced! Although I love the Laurier Salad and the Hello Dolly squares are delicious.
                        I think the worst of the BBQ joints is St Hubert BBQ. I can't stand the pink chicken and the gravy is terrible.

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                          Long time board reader and I just registered to post that I agree 100%. This thread made me go back to Chalet a few days ago and it was as delicious as I remembered, the place hasn't changed at all. Take-out service wast fast and friendly, took the family pack. Chicken was moist and tasted fantastic, just like the BBQ sauce. Fries were decent, the cole slaw was really good, crispy and 'vinagry'

                          Haven't tried CSL in ages, last time was not very good, will give it a shot next time to compare.

                        2. We need to conduct a blind folded taste test between Chalet BBQ and CSL BBQ.

                          We then tally up the votes, and bam... winner is crowned and we can all move on with our lives.

                          Even better idea - why not conduct such a test within various food categories (bagels, smoked meat, poutine, burgers, sushi, etc..) that have locations not too far from each-other.

                          We all just have to agree on the when and where. Who's going to flip the bill? Hmm, sponsors? or those participating in the event...


                          ps:If this ever materializes, I shall receive lifetime props for this super idea...

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                            That's why the word BEST is so overrated in my book. Either you like or you don't.

                            As of CSL and Chalet, to me they are 2 good chicken to enjoy but they are like comparing oranges and apples taste wise. Totally different styles and taste.

                          2. Better than Cote St-Luc is Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke West or Laurier BBQ. If you really love BBQ chicken, try Portuguese chicken resto Agora on Somerled Avenue. Chicken is grilled (not on a spit) and is the best in the West End of Mtl. You can order in advance.

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                            1. re: Tap2009

                              You need to get your nationalities straight. Agora is Greek, and does a Greek lemon roasted/grilled chicken. It has nothing in common with Portuguese chicken. And could you please say that YOU prefer Chalet to CSL. Who are you to say it's better?

                              1. re: maisonbistro

                                Agora does have very good Greek chicken but I prefer Nostos on L'Acadie for the lemon roasted chicken. The marinade is out of this world! I also really like their fries. When I was in Greece a few years back they put the same kind of fries in my Gyro. Nosto's knows how its done. I like that the restaurant is more spacious then Agora. I always feel like people are eating on top of me at Agora. I also sometimes feel like im sittig in a geriatric centre...

                                ADDRESS: 9530 L'Acadie
                                PHONE: 388-1981

                                1. re: Alyson777

                                  Agreed. Agora's chicken is great, but never EVER get a table near the front, lest you want someone's diapered ass pushing against your table. I speak from experience.

                            2. A little off topic here but Abu Elias (on Cote Vertu across from Montpellier) does a pretty good rotisserie chicken. Lebanese BBQ chicken?