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Feb 24, 2009 07:31 PM

Private Chef on Block Island?!

Hey All, although I am a faithfull chowhound reader(daily!), this is my first time posting on the chowhound board. I am about to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me, just bought the ring and everything!!! YAY! And I have an elaborate (spelling?!) idea of how I want to propose, a long day spent on block island, sunsets, But, I wanted to end the day with a nice romantic dinner on the beach cooked up by a private chef. I thought that I had once seen one of the hotels on the island offering something of that nature, but now I cannot seem to find that info anywhere....If not, does anyone have helpful advice for this hapless romantic?!! Also, cost is somewhat of an issue as I am still a college student, so I can only afford 400-650 for the event.....THANX

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  1. Your request begs a few questions...such as when do you wish to hold this event? And do you want the chef to actually cook the meal on the beach, or provide something "picnic style"?

    I recall a funny story of someone holding such an event a few years ago. There the couple was, having a romantic dinner on the beach, when they looked up to see hundreds of runners participating in a triathalon, come running down the beach towards them.

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      I just bought the ring, but am planning for atleast a few months from now either september this year, or may next year as to keep away from the summer crowds and to keep costs down of staying there at peak season....Plus we are both students and intend to wed only after we have both graduated (2010-2011 for the ceremony). I could go either way, picnic style or something simple made on the beach....Thanks for any and all help!!!!

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        September is good - it's the height of the wedding season on BI and therefore, romance is in the air! However, restaurants will not want to give up their chef's...soooo, you will probably be better off with a caterer (I only know of a couple of "personal chefs" out here) or going the picnic route. I think lots of restaurants would be happy to provide you with something romantic, with enough notice.

        I would suggest checking out the Block Island Times, which annually publishes a Wedding Guide. You can down-load last years at their web-site:

        You should also call the Chamber of Commerce at 401-466-2982.

        This could be a great topic for the Not About Food Board - something along the lines of "how would you plan for a romantic dinner on the beach."

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          I am wondering if the caterers would be able to provide a service like that for me? I've finally nailed down the date (may) so I've gotta get cracking on the details!!!!! YAY!!

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            Talked with a woman last week who sometimes does private chef gigs (and, no she is not available). But she told me the restaurant that will do dinner on the beach for you is the Manisses.

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              Thanx for the support, I called the hotel but they said that they no longer offer that service due to the chef no longer working for them because he moved off the island....DOH!!!!!!!!lololol

    2. Call Johnson and Wales and see if they have a newsletter for their culinary students and graduates.

      1. I forwarded this post to a friend of mine who is a chef at a Bed and Breakfast... maybe she can help. How should she contact you?

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          Thank you sooooo much!! She can e-mail me at, and any and all help would be great!!! This website(chowhound) is very helpful! Many awsome pplz, and great new ideas for places to go....I just discovered the bubble tea house in prov, good stuff!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just an update.... I set the date to ask her for May 16th, I was really hoping to have the dinner on the beach, or atleast have a catered picnic basket waiting there for us.....but it looks like no luck for that...Oh well. Does anyone know if any of the restaurants on the island have private dining rooms where the menu can be preselected!!