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Feb 24, 2009 07:12 PM

Marinepolis Sushi Land, Lynnwood, by the Mall

I found out on Yelp that Sushi Land opened around the first week of February in Lynnwood, across the street from the Mall, in the shopping area behind Billy McHale's.
This is so, very strange. First, I do Sushi Land in Beaverton, Or. all the time when I visit my sister. Good sushi at great prices. Usually we do orders "to go"
The "Marinepolis" confuses me .
I went there for lunch today. Tuesday.
$1, $2 and $3 plates.
I commented to "Dad" who was there with his family, sitting next to me, that I had not seen a Black ($3) plate go by. He told me he had a black plate, but had to ask for it. And it was?....UNI. I asked for it, and yes, it was moist, fresh and tasty. $3 bucks. Wow.
They even have Natto Maki. Their Miso soup was good, a bit sweet for my personal taste.
My usual test for a Sushi bar is the Hamachi, and Ikura, but I didn't ask for it. I was just in shock that Sushi Land was here, in Lynnwood. "Dad': ikura looked very good
The sushi chefs called out: Irrashayemase! which I have not heard in most sushi restaurants recently.
This could be a happy place for me. Oh dear. Blue C might suffer?

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  1. Blue C is a rip-off compared to Sushi Land.

    1. Blue C can roll over and die, as far as I'm concerned. But it's good that they're there to keep each other on their toes. The Lynnwood Sushiland is vastly higher in quality (in terms of kaiten sushi, anyway) than the Bellevue or even Portland counterparts. It's probably because it's new and because Blue C is so close by. I found the Lynnwood branch to have a very vast variety that I haven't seen in a long time out of a place like that. The quality was also very acceptable for that price range.

      They had a grand opening sale on 2/21 where everything was $1. I guess I told too many of my friends because they said there was a 3-4 hour wait and they all hated me afterwards. :-)

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      1. re: HungWeiLo

        Hung, I love your sense of humor! And I like your idea about Sushiland and Blue C keeping each other in line. A little healthy competition always helps out the consumers.
        I hope the little sushi place in the strip mall next to HMart survives.
        In our current economic climate, I would think if Sushiland kept their eyes on good sushi that offers value for the dollar, they would win hands down against Blue C.
        Will have to see how they keep up the quality in the months to come.
        They need to relocate the front desk. It was hard to pay and get in and out past the long line of customers waiting.

        1. re: ritabwh

          How about the new sushi place in the H Mart food court?

          1. re: paulj

            I am not sure about the protocol on this, since I cannot give a good review for the Wasabi Express in the HMart food court.
            The sushi is so-so ok. Imagine the boat sushi....floating by you as you stand at the cash register. It's an interesting concept.
            The menu at the counter makes a big deal of the udon and ramen. They have Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen. First visit, I tried the Tonkotsu and it was fine. Nothing great. Just ok. I had an enjoyable chat with the woman at the counter.
            Next visit a very nice young lady was at the counter. Just for fun, I asked what Ramen flavors they had. She proceeded to tell me about the Beef ramen and shrimp ramen. I asked about the Tonkotsu. She told me that yes, that is like beef ramen. (sigh). I had to mention to her that she should not, ever, compare pork tonkotsu with beef. I orderd the Shoyu ramen. After some confusion on my order (shoyu, not tonkotsu), my ramen arrived with clams in the shell, shrimp, mussels.....reminded me of Korean style seafood udon. It seemed to me that the ramen noodles were thrown into a seafood udon bowl.
            So, paulj, not so good. I guess I will try their Shoyu ramen one more time.
            After that, I will pass on Wasabi Express and move on to BCD Tofu House.

            1. re: ritabwh

              I suspect all the options in the HMart food court are Korean-xxx style. I had tonkotsu from the kotsu place on the side of the court. Sides included a bit of daikon kimchi. The meat part of the meal was fine. The rice, sheared letuce 'salad' etc was merely ok.

              I've been happiest with items from the stand that specializes in Korean (the pancake and bimbap). My wife was happy with the meatballs and soup from the pho stand.

              1. re: ritabwh

                Wasabi Bistro / Express / Bay are owned by the same Korean restaurant entrepreneurs as Umi in Belltown. They're more focused on fusion hipness than authenticity.

          2. re: HungWeiLo

            One thing I have to give Blue C credit for: as a new parent, restaurants open for dinner before 5 with changing tables in the bathrooms are a godsend.

            1. re: terrier

              Do you know anythign about the lower QA branch of Sushiland? I keep meaning to stop in, but we keep falling into our usual haunts.

              Concur w/ Blue C. Once my kids realized they liked sushi, we stopped going for the conveyer/big screen novelty and focused on good sushi!

          3. I've been to just about every conveyorbelt sushi place in the Seattle area and I don't really see the point in comparing Blue C Sushi and Sushiland. I go to Sushiland if I have no money, but overall they are dirty, the service is totally average, and their variety is terrible compared to Blue C Sushi (or even Genki). There really is no comparison in the quality. Sushiland buys pre-cut atlantic salmon and Blue C cuts a higher grade. If you really look closely at what goes around the belt and add in the kitchen items from Blue C there are just two totally different places. There is no magic to lower prices. If it's cheap it's because the ingredients suck.