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Feb 24, 2009 06:01 PM

Impossibly scorched saucier

While making toffee for Christmas in my All-Clad saucier, I let the temperature get, um, a bit high.

This left a big black scorch mark on the interior bottom of my pan. I've been unable to remove said big black mark, even after scrubbing, soaking and other forms of torture.

Any good tips for fixing my beautiful pan?

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  1. You may have tried a versio of this already, but I would make a paste with water and Bar Keepers friend in the bottom of the pan. Make sure you have just enough water so it is more pastey than powdery. Let it sit for at least a hour. Then get a teflon scrubber and give it a try. I have gotten impossible baked on grease from glass pans with this stuff. Good Luck!

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      I have removed similar marks using NeverDull and steel wool, I have also used 600 grit sandpaper and a little soapy water.

      1. re: burnsalot

        Thanks for the suggestions; I've tried neither. Need to use a little elbow grease and some abrasive ...

        Hopefully my pan can be good as new again.


    2. *edit* scratch that, it wasn't Hydrogen peroxide. What's the stuff in oven cleaner?

      1. Barkeepers Friend scrub with a green Scotchbright (or 3M) pad. Leave the slurry of BKF on the pan and let the chemicals work. Then scrub again. May not take out all of the blueing, but you will be pleased.

        1. I know for burned on casserole messes, you can fill the pan with hot water, and add a few used dryer sheets and let it soak overnight. No idea if it would work for scorched sugar, but if you use dryer sheets already, it's certainly worth a try.

          1. I have never tried it, but what comes to mind is...would reheating the pan (gently) melt the carmalized sugar? Worth a try.