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Feb 24, 2009 05:06 PM


In town for a few days in the middle of March. Only have one night out to dine in San Fran...thinking about going to Chinatown. Any fabulous places there, or no?

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  1. Use the search function. Don't call it "San Fran."


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      Hey lmb, I'm sure you'd prefer to hear from local 'Hounds but I have had the benefit of so much feedback from them over the last couple of years I'm going to weigh in non-specifically. Chinatown doesn't get a ton of love generally on this board, so if you're looking for fabulous this may not be the go-to part of town. It's also easier to give you good feedback if you let people know a bit about yourself, such as where you're from, your price range, the type of restaurant you typically enjoy, and whether you want to try something that is relatively unique to the Bay Area. All this stuff (and more) is in the link rfmarotti provided. And the advice to avoid the term San Fran or even worse Frisco is good :-).

      I don't envy you your task of picking only one place to eat in the Bay Area. Good luck!

    2. Here you go

      SF Chinatown: Best bets and a few losers

      If you click on the restaurant name you will get a record with attached reports and websites (if any).

      1. There's better Chinese food outside Chinatown.

        Was the Chinatown choice driven by food, distance, what? What kind of Chinese food do you want?