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Feb 24, 2009 04:20 PM

Two Nights in Providence

I'm off to Providence for two nights for a conference... any suggestions? I went to school there a number of years ago but have lost touch on what's what... No suggestions will lead me to Haven Bros at an ungodly hour, so any advice is appreciated (maybe not due to regret, but certainly due to the need for Lipitor)


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  1. A couple questions... First, where are you staying? Secondly, what type of food are you looking for?

    There are many excellent restaurants, all downtown within easy walking distance of the Convention Center. My three favorites would include: Gracies, New Rivers, and Cafe Nuovo. However there's also Bravo, Tini, 3 Steeple, Chinese Laundry, Mill's Tavern, 10 Steak and Sushi, Downcity...

    Again, what are you looking for cuisine and pricewise?

    - Garris
    Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

    1. Will you have a car? Cabs can be a real PITA in PVD. If so, head over to the East Side for wonderful french bistro grub at Chez Pascal. Every time I've been the experience has been awesome, from food to service.

      Also, Loie Fuller has gotten better and better, and is such a beautiful space. That's on the West Side. Even if you don't dine there, the decor and cocktails are worth the drive.

      If you're staying near the C.C., I like Garris' suggestions of Gracie's and New Rivers. Both places put a lot of thought and care into their food. They are on the high side of the price spectrum for PVD.

      Have fun!

      1. If price is no option I'll second New Rivers and Gracies for downtown and Chez Pascal if you are able to drive.

        If price is a consideration, more moderate options in the vicinty of downtown would include: the Red Fez, Taqueria Pacifica, the bar at Local 121 and 3 Steeple.

        You might also consider a trip to Federal Hill.

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          I "third" (or fourth?) New Rivers, an easy walk if you're downtown.

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            And their mid-week prix fixe is $27. per person. Great restaurant, well worth the price.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions, plenty to look into in 48 hours! Staying at the Hotel Providence and will have a car, though I don't mind walking (it's the NYer in me)...

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            If you are staying at the Hotel Providence go no further than downstairs to L'Epicurio...okay Aspire... it has been renamed but being a Rhode Islander I abhor change. It is wonderful. Serving primarily Italian it has added a little more a classic French feel and a touch of fusion to the menu with the food, service, and ambiance are always top notch. I wonder why it does not get more play on the CH boards.