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Other uses for an asparagus pot

I hope there are some! Please help me figure out what else can I use it for?
I hate buying such specialty equipment, but an All-clad pot was sitting at a Marshall's store ($25) and I just had to get it....Now I feel guilty....

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      1. Geez, at $25 for an All-Clad pot, just make a lot of asparagus and be guilt-free!

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          I know it was a steal....and it is soooooo pretty!!!! I think corn on the cob sounds like the next best thing.
          Thanks everybody!

        2. You can also use it for small scale canning. My best-friend's mother cans her cucumbers into pickles as they ripen in her garden; she uses an asparagus pot to process them one quart jar at a time. This is a particularly useful tip for those of us with small spaces. An asparagus pot is far easier to store than a giant canner!

          1. You can use it to as a ice bucket for a small bottle of wine
            You can use it to keep a frog. It is so tall that a frog won't able to jump out.
            You can scream at the pot and hear the echo
            You can put it next to your ear to listen the sound of an ocean.

            In a long road drive, you can use it as an emergency bathroom.

            You can use it to impress a guy.

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              This is very funny, especially the frog part (or the echo). Good one.
              I got mine off the street. Then it collected dust.

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                If you impress the guy enough, you can use it for flowers.