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Feb 24, 2009 02:14 PM

St Louis best low key great food?

Any bright ideas please?

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  1. Wow! A pretty wide range of responses could conceivably fill that bill. Help us out here: do you mean low cost or simply a place where you can wear blue jeans? No-one is going to direct you to Tony's or Harvest or Niche with this request I don't imagine, but you can get some terrific food with a low key presentation at Riddle's, although I wouldn't describe it as inexpensive. A lot of folks on this board would recommend Iron Barley. You might try a Vietnamese place such as Mai Lee or Banh Mi So. You might even have a pizza joint in mind, in which case Pi occurs to me as a good option.

    Maybe you could narrow the search a bit.

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      More about the food than pretense,as long as that is good then budget not a problem.Thanks.

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        Even though it has a high rep, Niche is still a pretty low key place. It's certainly not pretentious.

      2. Went to Iron Barley in South St louis last week. Great food and a nuce funckt vibe. Had a really unique take on a slinger.

        1. Bobo Noodle House @Skinker and Olive (I think). Here's the # (314)863-7373.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Selam - Ethiopian
              Banh Mi So - Vietnamese
              La Vallessana - Mexican
              Blues City Deli - Sandwiches
              Rooster - Crepes
              Milo's - toasted ravioli
              Iron Barley - eclectic biker fare
              Dewey's - Pizza

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                Eclectic biker fare! I love it. I've always called it "haute hoosier", but I may have to embrace your description.
                Best. Green Beans. In. The. World.

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                  All excellent choices. The only reservation I would have about your list is the inclusion of Dewey's, not because it is not good, because it is, but because it is not a local restaurant. It is an Ohio-based small chain. I'd put Pi on the list if you're looking for first-rate pizza.

                  1. re: alan

                    Been to Pi - not impressed. The deep dish was OK, but no great shakes. But mostly I've gotten to the point in my life where incredibly loud places just drive me nuts, and Pi was off the charts (come to think of it Dewey's isn't that quiet either).
                    Probably should have put Pappy's Smokehouse on the list.

                    1. re: jberendzen

                      Pappy's is certainly the breakthrough bbq experience in St. Louis. Its food is superb!