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Feb 24, 2009 02:07 PM

Aman's in East Norriton.

My daughter wanted Indian for her 24 birthday, so we trekked over to Aman's. We went to the lunch buffet a few years ago and were impressed. The food was very good. We split an appetizer of veg Samosas, Pakora, Bhaji and Tikki. Should'a ordered two as there was a fight brewing over the Samosas. For entree's we had a hot Chicken Vindaloo, Lamb Saag, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chicken Biryani and keep the Naan coming. And of course, Mango Lassis all around. The Masala and the Vindaloo were both as good as we get from our friends mother. The Lamb Saag and the Chicken Biryani were both new dishes to me, and now a challenge for me to copy. Warning: the Saag will have an odd but not detrimental effect on your bowels. Saag is greens cooked down with Coriander and other herbs. For deserts we passed around bowls of Kufi (Indian style ice cream), Gulab Jamun, and Kheer, and coffee.

Aman's is BYOB, and diner for the four of us was $100 incl tip.

What I'm comparing the food to is what our friend's mother makes. They are Indian by way of Tanzania. Before he got married last summer, his mother would cook food to take to work so he wouldn't get hungry. She always packed enough to feed an army, so my wife got to take home the leftovers. It is a treat to see her come in with that bag of goodies.

Anyway, Aman's get's high marks, albeit a little on the pricey side but well worth it.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to try that place. I love Indian food but I've been warned off the two places near me, very close to and next to Assi Plaza. I want to try the chicken biryani at Hot Breads in Montgomeryville also, as I've heard that is very good there.

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      The two at Assi are acceptable, Aman's was must better. I feel dumb thou, I never realized Hot Breads was Indian. Duhoo!

      My spies told me my wife a daughter went to a new Indian place in West Mt Airy while visiting my folks. I'll have to get a report from them.


      1. re: maddoxdy

        Recently ate at Aman's with my kids and we were pleasantly surprised to see that they remodeled the place. It used to be very plain and rather unappealing, now with some nicer lighting and rearranged booths the place looks much better. The food is still good as well and the owner is very friendly.

        More recently I had a hankering for Indian and decided to give Greater India (in the Assi shopping center) yet another try because I heard they changed ownership. Alas, the same result: uninspired, under spiced, and pretty bland food. Not any real improvement, IMO.

        As far as Hot Breads goes, you would never realize it's Indian unless you took a close look. It looks like a plain little nondescript place from the street. Some things we've had there are good and some so-so. The chicken biryani is good and at $10 is a pretty good deal.

        The new Indian place mentioned by maddoxdy may be Tiffin? (on Emlen Ave. in Mt. Airy). Definitely worth going to but beware that they do not take reservations and it gets crowded on weekends. If you are willing to travel to the Wayne area, Taste of India is also fantastic.

        1. re: Schpsychman

          I rec. Bhagya's Kitchen, 1010 E. Willowgrove Avenue in Wyndmoor, for great Indian take-out. Many people get take-out from Tiffin, justifiably popular. I think Bhagya's is even better, but take-out only.

          1. re: myra

            Thanks Myra. I pass it all the time on the way into the city and you are among many that recommend it. I'll have to stop next time and give it a try. Better than Tiffin huh? I'll definitely have to give it a try!

              1. re: gardens4me

                The advantage of Tiffin is it's a half mile from my parents house. And we will be spending a lot of time there (at my parents) in the near future. I like to have something other than ordering out pizza.


          2. re: Schpsychman

            I believe you have eaten at Taste of India and some other nearby Indian restaurants in the Wayne/Malvern area. How would you compare the flavor and spice intensity of food at Aman's compared to these restaurants?

            My memories of a past visit to this restaurant consist of healthily prepared dishes, but lacking the intensity of flavor as that offered elsewhere. I think its offering of rice was more homestyle (just plain basmati with nothing done to it).
            I prefer the fluffier version done by Bawarchi, Chinnar, and the now deceased Gateway to India (who had the "cleanest" tasting rice of any Indian restaurant I had been to, with each kernel of rice separate from each other, multicolored, perhaps with some turmeric or saffron addition).

            The lunch buffet offered a fair number of selections. Along with the interior changes, has their been changes made to their lunch buffet?

            How many vegetarian selections in its lunch buffet? (Unless a place is all vegetarian, they all seem to offer the favorite chicken dishes, so I will not ask which of these dishes they have!)

      2. Does anybody know what happened to El Cancun? I am assuming bankruptcy. I tried to order takeout from there today!

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        1. re: mddletown

          Oh no! Is that the mexican place in the k mart shopping center?

          1. re: mddletown

            We discovered the closure last night. The Whitpain Tavern was the backup, but it certainly wasn't that great Mexican stuff. Anyone have a substitute for El Cancun - good mexican food at reasonable prices in the Norristown area?.

            1. re: EastPA

              I've only been once but I really liked La Michoacana in Norristown. The service was friendly, they have alcohol but seem like a nice family place as well. There was a family with a baby sitting near us. My friend is still raving about the enchiladas he got there and the nachos were great. I enjoyed their guacamole and refried beans. I really need to get back there for more "research". Here is their phone number and addy:
              (610) 292-1971
              301 E Main St, Norristown, PA 19401

              1. re: EastPA

                It seems like this new place Plaza Azteca across from the Plymouth Meeting Mall where Macaroni Grill used to be will be a good replacement. There is another thread going on it. I will try to check it out this weekend but I have heard good things so far.

            2. Didn't have time to eat at Aman's, but I can report what I saw on a Friday.

              I was very impressed with the variety of selections on that day, which not only included mulligatawney, but also sambar, and small cut up idli, along with some fried vegetable fritters, two kinds of rice, several chicken dishes, and several vegetarian dishes, as well as a fish selection. Salad consisted of simply cucumbers and tomatoes. The chutneys looked good. There were several desserts.

              I learned that the selection on Friday's is more elaborate than weekday offering, as Friday is considered a "weekend" buffet (costwise, too).

              If a person is not near the Malvern and Wayne/King of Prussia locales, featuring Indian restaurants, Aman's offers a nice alternative, and at $10.95 for a "weekend buffet" offering, one can have a nice meal.

              I was very tempted that day, since they had some of my favorites, but I just wasn't hungry. I normally don't travel in this area, so my recent trip there for an errand required me to see the place again.

              1. I am so pleased that they have remodeled. It is still a very casual place but looks much nicer. We eat there a few times a month or take out. If you haven't tried their alu gobi yet, please do. It is excellent. Also the chicken goan is very good as are the biryanis.

                For those remarking about the Mexican place, I can't believe they stayed open as long as they did. If you're looking for a good Mexican restaurant to go Tamarindos down Rt. 73 near the old Bent Elbow or to El Serape in Blue Bell. Both are good.