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Feb 24, 2009 02:05 PM

where can i get a good bánh mì on the westside?

I live on the westside. where is the closest bánh mì spot? I had a really good on in chinatown over the weekend, but close to a 1 hour drive on the weekday to downtown.
please help!!!

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  1. Other than Chinatown, the closest place with a decent banh mi is probably on the corner of Reseda Blvd and Sherman Way in Reseda, up in the middle of the Valley. Also a very long drive from the Westside in evening commute.

    The one place that served an edible approximation of a banh mi on the Westside was East-West Sandwiches in Westwood. They called it the "Vietnamwich" but they have long since gone -- and the "buck fitty" sandwich stall along Gayley is also, sadly, gone.

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      dang i was really hoping there would be some decent banh mi in the area. what's the place in chinatown that you mentioned?

      1. re: ceviche

        I don't know the name of the place. it's on the north side of broadway between ord and alpine. just west of the ding tai fun store.
        here is the google maps link. it's the one that says ___ HOA (can't see behind the bus
        )i stopped just in a hurry to grab something to eat quick. it's one of the many chinese bbq shops around and they had a bunch of paper signs for banh mi. i decided on a non traditional sandwich, it was with the chinese bbq pork. omg!!! it was so good. i couldn't believe it. it was not the prettiest sandwich, but the combination of flavors was incredible. the great pork taste, with the pickeled carrot and radish slaw on top. the crispiness of the bbq pork skin with the soft interior of the french bread. and a very lightly crisp exterior from them toasting the bun which they insisted. i had to pick out some of the jalpanos because these ones were super hot. but was a good combo if i could take more heat. don't let the appearance deter you to go.

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        $1.50 sub is no more? Say it ain't so! Since when? That place got me through many a lean time as a starving Bruin.

        1. re: spkspk

          The $1.50 shack is still there next to the Tommy's on Gayley, but the $1.50 sandwiches are a thing of the past. Last time I checked, it was a $5 combo with a small drink and fries. And the sandwiches they did the best -- the grilled steak or chicken kebobs -- always require the "double meat" option to stand up to the bread and the cucumber/onion/tomato salad they top them with. The In-n-Out which went in over a decade ago really grabbed most of the business on that stretch, and the cars lining up for the drive-thru during peak lunch still block traffic there. A worthy addition to that area is the Bella Pita in a storefront a few doors down, which has a great condiment bar to add veggies and sauces to the fresh-fried falafel pitas, and which has survived a lot longer than I'd predicted (and a succession of previous failures like U-Dog).

      3. You can get a passable banh mi at Pho 99 on Wilshire. Make sure you ask them specifically to add cilantro, carrots, and chili peppers. Nothing to go out of your way for, but it will scratch the itch if you find yourself in the area.