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Feb 24, 2009 01:59 PM

Best burger in N. Dallas: Keller's or Jake's

I just visited Dallas and had fabulous burgers at both Keller's drive in and Jake's eat in. They reminded me somewhat of In-N-Out's in the west. What do others of you out there think? Which is best and why?

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  1. Jake's was started by a relative of Keller's so they are both pretty similar in their menus. I'm pretty much across the street from Jake's, so it's my default because Keller's is further away (OK,. only a mile, but I have to go down Nwest Highway).

      Has comprehensive overviews of different parts of Texas.

      My short answer:
      I'd consider Keller's as the best fast food/quick burger, but as far as sit down goes, that'd go to Twisted Root or Angry Dog. Love the blue cheese burger at both!

      Also, Jakes and Keller's at Northwest Highway aren't in North Dallas - granted there is a Jake's in Addison and in Plano. If we're to specifically focus on that area, the best are Kelly's Eastside and JC's in Plano.

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        I have to say that I am extremely unimpressed with Twisted Root's burgers. They are highly overrated. I do agree that Keller's has one of the best Drive-In burgers. Top five "Sit-Down" burgers (in no particular order) have to go to Angry Dog, Wingfield's, The Loon, Hole in the Wall, and Scotty P's.

        1. re: texasfoodie

          Neither Angry Dog and Twisted Root warrant hopping in the car and making a trip to Deep Ellum, but nontheless, if I'm in the area, I'll have one or the other in mind, they're both good choices.

          I can't agree with you about Scotty P's at all. Their burger isn't that much different than something you'd get at a place like Fuddrucker's or Chili's, and can't compare to anything else mentioned in this thread.

      2. I use to love In-N-Out. I would do five day binges with their "animal style" burger. When we moved out here, I use to crave it all the time. (It really is good...they grind their meat fresh everyday and use real potatoes for their fries) But then, I found Wingfield's which I know is not in N. Dallas, but it's the only burger that made me forget about In-N-Out. When I go back to Cali, I never go to In-N-Out anymore.

        As an aside...I used to work in the same building as In-N-Out corporate headquarters. They are open every day of the year, even Christmas. Since they owned the building I worked in, they would have fire drills where they brought the In-N-Out mobile truck to feed us during the drill. So, so good.

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        1. re: jindomommy

          That is powerful for Wingfields sake that made you forget about In-N-Out! It is still my favorite in the state. I still have yet to hit Huts in Austin and Chris Madrids in San Antonio. Wingfields blows Lankfords Grocery away in Houston.

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Hounder...due to my love of In-N-Out, my husband could not believe my reaction to Wingfield's. The thickest, juiciest, most perfectly seasoned patties. It's probably the best burger that I have ever had!

            1. re: jindomommy

              My best burger would probably be Meers just north of Lawton, OK. My brother, myself and some friends were rock climbing in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge all day and just starving. Meers burger was the closest eatery to the refuge. It was the size of a hubcap and made from fresh ground beef or bison (or it used to be). I just remember it was large, it was fresh and it was good. It did not even need the adornment of cheese, just mustard (they frown upon anything else). They were ranked top 5 burger in the country by some magazine last year (Bon Appetit, Gourmet, something like that).

              Wingfields though does give Meers a run. I have not tried Meers recently but plan to perhaps this year.


        2. I lived in SoCal for ten years and could never understand the big attraction to In-N-Out Burger. I suffered a ten year craving for a What-A-Burger.

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          1. re: slewfoot

            I am right there with you slewfoot. I lived in the Bay Area until the Dot Bomb bust. In-N-Out was good but I wouldn't put it in my top five.

            If we're talking about burgers in Dallas I immediately think of Chips.

            1. re: slewfoot

              The last whataburger I had was thin, rubbery, and tasteless. Not something I'm ever likely to get again. I wouldn't even begin to compare it to in-n-out.

            2. Well, I've never been to Jake's, but Saturday, after seeing Keller's on a FN spot, I decided on Sunday to revive a bit of my past by driving over for one of their burgers. Besides the memories and nostalgia, I can't really rave about the dry, overcooked, thinnest ever patty (even by drive-in standards), served between two heavily poppy seeded buns with a thick slab of onion and 2 thick slices of tomato. The friench fries were ok and the onion rings were better than normal, but in spite of the sign that reads something to the effect of "never frozen, never micro'd and always handmade", in appearance, that wasn't the case of the rings as they were too perfectly battered. But all that said, I still enjoyed the relaxed drive-in experience.