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Feb 24, 2009 01:58 PM

Best Sushi E. Fort Lauderdale?

I am in the mood for a good sushi fix and find the sushi I've tried to be just okay...nothing nearly as good as that I've had i NY or Boston...Suggestions?

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    1. Coco Asian Bistro is fantastic. I've never been to Sushi Rock but have heard good things.

      1. worth the drive from anywhere in broward in wilton manors is:

        sozo sushi bar

        2362 Wilton Dr
        Wilton Manors, FL 33305
        (954) 630-1916

        1. Sushi Rock on Las Olas is always good.
          China Grill has some great sushi also

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          1. re: chowmommy3

            We've been to Sozo Sushi, Coco and Sushi Rock. Sozo Sushi is very good, but we definitely enjoy going to Sushi Rock more. Better atmosphere and much larger selection. The best of the 3.

            1. re: tlubow

              To me, Sozo is by far the best. And they will create anything for you. Great service and amazing quality! I'll say it again, Wilton Rocks!