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Feb 24, 2009 01:57 PM

Dinner before Oiler's Game

Too late for tonight, but every once in a while I get taken to an Oiler's game, and I like to treat my host to dinner before hand if I can. The trouble is where to go near Rexall Place that is good and fast?!?! Parking would be a bonus. Any suggestions?

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  1. Parking is tight in that area. Plus, there really aren't many restaurants I'd recommend. However if you're travelling by car it opens up more options as you can stop on the way somewhere to eat. If you give us a vague idea of which direction you're coming from it would help us recommend some places.

    1. I would reccommend Culina Highlands, easily the only good restaurant close to the game. It is small so a reservation would be needed. Also not necessarily fast.

      Fast, good but not fancy would be Uncle Ed's attached to the Mundare Sausage shop ion 118 Avenue. Have the barbequed baby back ribs with a side of perogies.

      There are two steak places within walking distance but neither is all that good. Coliseum is better than Fireside but still just OK. Both serve baked potatoes in tin foil.

      The Sorrento's in little Italy is OK but the prices have really gone up.

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        I was going to suggest Coliseum too. Pretty good food, not to expensive, and big parking lot. It is a bit of a time warp walking in there though.

        1. re: Bryn

          Time warp is exactly what it is. From faux leather menu to the three bowl condiment server. Also one night their drink special was a Harvey Wallbanger, i just laughed at that.

          1. re: pengcast

            You should smell the menu's, that's real Leather.

      2. I believe La Boheme is fairly close to the Coliseum.